Monday, January 16, 2012

Day Care Holidays

We had Marla baptized yesterday, and I'll blog about that once we pictures and/or video sorted out.

In the is Martin Luther King Jr Day! That means that some of us have the day off, and the rest of us don't. Among those that are working today: Amber and me*. Among those that are not working today: Marla's day care.

(* - Today is technically a holiday for me, but I decided to work today anyway and use a 'floating holiday' some other time.)

As we learned during "chicken pox week", it is very hard to get in 8 hours of real work while simultaneously watching a young child at home. So, Amber and I are each doing the following: four hours working in the office, four hours working at home with Marla. I think that worked out okay. This is something we might have to do again on Presidents Day.

I'm just glad we have flexible employers. How does the rest of the world do it?

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