Monday, December 19, 2011

When Indoor Cats Go Outdoors

Our cat, Rolo, is an indoor cat. She only goes outside when the door is slightly ajar and we're not paying attention. Like last night, for instance. Usually, we go fetch her and bring her back inside immediately. This time, though...

Apparently she was outside all night long, for about 14 hours, and we had no idea until we couldn't find her in the house this morning. Fortunately, we know where she usually goes when she darts outside (under the back porch), so we found her this morning and brought her back inside. That was a relief, because when she wasn't waiting outside our bedroom door waiting to be fed this morning, we figured there were only two possibilities: 1) she was dead; 2) she had gotten outside somehow.

How did we go 14 hours without realizing that Rolo wasn't inside the house? Well, not to make excuses, but when you have a kid, it's much harder to keep track of everything else that's going on.

Normally when Rolo gets a taste of the outdoors, she spends the next two days looking outside, meowing incessantly, asking for more. But after spending all night out there, on the coldest night of the season to date (27°F this morning), I hope she's had her fill. No more sneaking out the door while we're trying to carry our baby inside, you hear?

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allen_t said...

Meow I'll Meow never Meow do it Meow again.

Meow Rolo