Thursday, December 15, 2011

Rolling Over

Marla can roll over on her own now. Hooray! (That's a link to a Facebook video, but it is publicly viewable even for the non-Facebook types.)

When it comes to baby milestones, I've resisted the urge to look up the average age for milestones such as "able to roll over", "able to crawl", "able to walk", "first word". I don't want to get disappointed or stressed or anything in case Marla is "late" on any of these things. But we have the first roll-over out of the way, so now I can look!

The general consensus is that babies can start rolling from back to belly on their own at 5-6 months. So, Marla (at 4½ months) is ahead of the game there. Yippee! thing we haven't seen Marla do yet is roll over the other way (belly to back). That's interesting because the general consensus there is that babies should be able to go belly-to-back before they can go back-to-belly. I think the issue here is that we aren't giving Marla near enough "tummy time". Sure, we've been giving her some, but not enough for her to learn motor skills in that orientation, apparently.

Forgive me for being overly excited about this. It takes a few months for babies to start doing anything interesting. Maybe now is a good time to finally get around to baby-proofing the house?

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Spartangoogle said...

In the old days, circa 1980, parents routinely put babies to sleep on their tummies because the advice was to avoid choking due to spitting up rather than SIDS. Hence you both rolled from front to back before back to front. Not wanting to be on your back, and not being able to do much about it, led to much howling.