Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Curling Recap: 12/2/11

Career game #161: 2011 Fall League - December 2, 2011

End.......... 1234567 |TTL
Allen........ 0000010 | 01
K. Jackson... 2122103 | 11

Aww, do I have to talk about this?

Yeah, there isn't a whole lot I can take away from this game, so I'll just tip my hat. The other team played an outstanding game, and I was very impressed with their Vice and Second, Patrick and Amy, who simply didn't miss. And this is only their 2nd year of curling, too, so I think they are our club's next great young curlers. I'm encouraging them to attend "The Kayser" before their five-year eligibility runs out. Put them together with fellow 2nd-year curlers Justin and Tabby (who have curled with Amber and me multiple times, including at the most recent "Kayser"), and you have yourselves a very solid Kayser team that would represent our club really well. Maybe in 2013? My 5-and-under eligibility runs out after the Spring, so after that, I'll have to live vicariously through others.

(Speaking of "5-and-under" bonspiels, I'm going back to "The Dykes" in February, in what will be my last 5-and-under bonspiel ever. More on that in the weeks to come.)

Next week is "wacky rules curling", which doesn't count in my stats, so this was the last game of the season and my last official game for seven weeks. Our team finished 3-5 and in 6th place out of 9 teams. I was hoping for at least 4-4. But darn it, our team was fun, and that's more important, even if you can't quantify "fun".

Here is a record of my team's finishes in each of my Triangle Curling Club leagues: (Records shown are team records, independent of whether I curled in every game.)
- Fall 2007: 5-4, 3rd place (out of 8)
- Winter 2008: 7-2, 1st place (out of 9)
- Fall 2008: 3-6, 8th place (out of 10)
- Winter 2009: 5-3, 3rd place (out of 11)
- Spring 2009: 2-3, 5th place (out of 6)
- Fall 2009: 4-4, 6th place (out of 9)
- Winter 2010: 3-1, 2nd place (out of 8)
- Spring 2010: 4-1, 2nd place (out of 8)
- Fall 2010: 7-2, 1st place (out of 8)
- Winter 2011 Friday: 7-2, 1st place (out of 8)
- Winter 2011 Sunday: 5-4, 2nd place (out of 6)
- Fall 2011: 3-5, 6th place (out of 9)

So, my streak of playing in five consecutive League Championship games is over. But I did keep alive my streak of never finishing a league in last place, which might be more important. The League Championship game streak was bound to end eventually; there are too many good curlers in our club.

I do think I have regressed in skill from where I was in April, though. I simply haven't been curling as often. January through April, I curled 27 games; September through December, I'll have only curled 10. Believe me, it makes a difference. (Darn parenting!) But here's the exciting part, for me: how good will I be when I'm 45 years old and have 20 years and 500 games of curling experience under my belt?

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