Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Energy Drinks, and Other Drugs

I don't want to be one of those people who is "addicted" to coffee and has to drink one every single morning in order to get a "caffeine fix". That's true with other drugs as well. I avoid them unless absolutely necessary. That way, when I actually do need them, they are effective.

So...Saturday. I was working on five non-productive hours of sleep, I was coming down with a cold, and the sun was going down as I was driving back from Charleston. I was pretty beat, and my personal safety was at stake, so I think this instance qualified as "absolutely necessary". I then purchased and consumed my first ever energy drink. (I won't say which brand, because energy drinks are advertised enough as it is.)

Was the drink effective? Well, I was most alert in the two hours following the drink, so it had to have helped. But there are other contributing variables: I was also driving with the windows down and the music up, along a route other than the boring interstate. And, I had a Reese's Fast Break, which gave me some more sugar and calories. (Even though I haven't talked about them in a while, the Reese's Fast Break is still the best candy bar out there, for my money.) Can't really say whether the energy drink alone is responsible for my increased awareness.

Energy drinks seem to be very popular these days. Why? I think it's marketing. Energy drinks are typically promoted by "action sports stars", who are among the coolest people out there, right? Or, maybe it's just because people like drugs. Either way, it can't be the taste, right? My energy drink of choice didn't taste particularly great, which was good in a way, because it helped regulate my consumption of it.

While I keep my stimulant consumption to an absolute minimum, I haven't been so disciplined when it comes to cold and headache remedies. I'm still working on this cold - the worst cold I've had in years - and as a result, I've taken generic NyQuil each of the last four nights. And last night, it was NOT effective. It appears I've gained a tolerance to Kroger-brand nighttime cold medicine, or something. And after just four doses! (Well, four and a half, actually.) What gives?

Well, I guess that's better than being addicted to it. I'm not addicted to headache medicine (generic Excedrin) by any means, but I think I end up having to take one dose every week or two, usually after a long bike ride. But hey, the stuff works...and a few doses a month really isn't that much compared to what some people take, I'm sure.

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