Wednesday, October 05, 2011


The bathroom is normally a very inquisitive place, so a thought occurred to me when I was in there the other day. Many public men's restrooms have urinals in addition to standard toilets, where if you only have to go "number one" instead of "number two", you don't even have to sit down. That makes them rather convenient. They save time, and they save water. And although I won't get into the details, there is also less potential for a mess with a urinal.

But I'm pretty sure I have never seen a stand-up urinal in somebody's house. And why not? Can you go to Lowe's and Home Depot and buy one for you to install in your house? Is that even a thing? How hard is it to install a urinal in your house, and why hasn't anyone I know ever done it?

There might be some issue related to plumbing that I don't know about, given that urinals drain out the back while traditional toilets drain out the bottom, and that's how houses are designed when they are built. But I think the main reason people don't install a supplementary urinal in their house is because, well, where would you put it? Most bathrooms in private homes are kind of small, and you still need the traditional toilet in there either way. And I don't think a urinal really meshes all that well with the stereotypical image of a "pleasant home bathroom". Maybe some of the really big houses that are out there do in fact have a urinal. I mean, if your house has five bathrooms, why not?

If child #1 ended up being a boy, then maybe I'd do a little more research here...but, nah.

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