Friday, October 14, 2011

The Last Wedding Live-Tweet Ever?

First, here's a quick summary of what I would write about were I to do a "Sports Saturday" post this weekend:
- The local CBS affiliate, WRAL, is planning to air Jaguars-Steelers on Sunday. Why not Bills-Giants? Are the Steelers really that much of a draw?
- Florida State football has once again proven the worthlessness of preseason polls. See why I was so "yeah, well, whatever" before the season?
- Penn State might be the ugliest 5-1 team in college football history.
- Carolina Hurricanes: let's wait another month or two before we jump to conclusions.

In the's another wedding weekend, as Adam and Maggie tie the knot in downtown Raleigh on Saturday evening. The plan is to once again live-tweet it (unless I'm asked not to), at least to some extent. Adam and Maggie are both heavy users of Twitter, so it's only appropriate that tweet the wedding and subsequent reception, right?

Good news if you're tired of hearing me talk about weddings: after this, we don't have any more weddings lined up. This might be it for a while, and I'm talking, years, maybe. Nobody in the family is getting married anytime soon (that I know of). We don't have any friends who are engaged or otherwise "close" to getting married (that I know of). And given that weddings are the kind of thing that usually have a long lead-up (emphasis on "usually"), I don't see another one on the horizon. And by the time the next wedding comes up, maybe the whole "live-tweet" thing will have run its course. Or, maybe not. Either way, it's been fun.

We've been to so many weddings over the last few years, I've lost count! For me, that's saying something. (I think Amber and I have been to 8 weddings since we started dating in 2006, not counting our own: four in Pennsylvania, three in North Carolina, and one in West Virginia.) And I've talked about them enough here in the blog, I have retroactively added a new post tag called other weddings. (As opposed to the "wedding/honeymoon" post tag, which only relates to our wedding.) Just in time for me to not go to any more weddings for a while!

Looking back, not every wedding we've been to was blogged about. The West Virginia one, for example, took place two weeks after we got back from our honeymoon. From a blogging perspective, the timing wasn't ideal, because I was still in the midst of talking about honeymoon-related things like the fake geographical center of North America. And, my infatuation with analyzing other people's weddings didn't really start until the first half of 2010. That's kind of unfortunate, considering the West Virginia wedding (featuring Amber's college friends Julianna and Chris) was a Greek Orthodox wedding and perhaps the most unique one of them all. I should have started this sooner.

The drive to Beckley did make it into the Car Mileage Log, however, which means that the exact date of that particular wedding has been documented. So, that's something. ... Actually, come to think of it, I blogged about that particular milestone. Why? Because not only did my car reach 19,000 miles while in a tunnel, but it did so in a tunnel that happens to cross a state line, making it not so obvious in which state the milestone took place. So I didn't blog about the wedding itself, but I did blog about my car odometer. That doesn't seem right.

Okay, back to the topic at hand. As for this particular wedding: I think it will certainly be the largest wedding we've ever been to. Will there be enough cake for everybody? There will also be at least one "special guest" at the wedding, apparently...but I won't spoil the surprise.

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