Saturday, October 08, 2011

Bicycling Trip to Alaska: 45.7 Miles to Alaska

My fictional Bicycling Trip to Alaska, in which I translate my bicycling distance into a fictional road trip to Alaska, turns two years old today. But that's not the biggest news of the day. As of this morning, I am 45.7 miles away from the Alaska state line. And, not coincidentally, I have a 45.9-mile bike ride planned for today. Yes, I'm going for it. All of it.

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This has been two years in the making, but I thought this would take me even longer at first. A lot longer. So, I'm proud of my would-be accomplishment. The Bicycling Trip to Alaska has been a huge success. My weekly distance averages have steadily gone up throughout the trip.

This isn't the end of the Bicycling Trip to Alaska, though. While I'm only going to make it as far as the border today, the ride will take me to the tip of the Homer Spit, which is another 633.8 miles away. I should get there in about four months at my current pace, at which point I will magically teleport myself to the east coast of Australia and start another fictional ride, this time across the Australian continent.

It's been hard to find time lately to go on long rides. And even when I did find time last Saturday, I ended up with a flat tire, forcing me to stop the ride after only 20 of my planned 40 miles. (That was the first time I had gotten a flat tire in the middle of a ride in all of my miles of bicycling, so no big deal, really.) So, as much as I'd like to reach Alaska exactly two years to the day after starting the trip, there is no guarantee that I'll get to Alaska today. The weather will not be a factor, though, because today will be a fantastic day to ride.

I will be live-tweeting today's ride. To Alaska we go!

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