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Sports Saturday: 9/24/11

Once again, I'm putting myself on a clock: I am not allowed to spend more than 30 minutes writing this week's Sports Saturday post. That includes the amount of time I spend looking up the weekend's TV schedules, which is actually what I spend most of my time doing with these.


Doesn't look like the Jaguars' whole Luke McCown experiment worked out. He was flat-out awful in last week's game against the Jets. But I still think he should be the starter this Sunday. After David Garrard was cut, I think the Jaguars had two options: 1) Declare rookie Blaine Gabbert the starter from the beginning. 2) Declare Luke McCown the starter and stick with him for at least the first few games. Why start the guy only to bench him in favor of Gabbert after ONE awful game, as the Jaguars have done? Especially if he is supposedly "better than David Garrard"? That said, I am looking forward to seeing how Gabbert does this Sunday. Side note: I'm already second-guessing my NFL Sunday Ticket purchase for this year. This is the third straight week in which I would have seen the Jaguars without purchasing Sunday Ticket (free preview in Week 1 + local broadcasts the last two weeks). Jacksonville at Carolina: Sun 1:00p, WRAL 5

As for the rest of the league...I'm most interested in seeing how the Buffalo Bills do this weekend. Their last game against Oakland was the game of the weekend, and now the Bills are 2-0 and play the Patriots at home. New England at Buffalo: Sun 1:00p, DirecTV 706

Houston has to be the favorite in the AFC South at this point, right? Houston at New Orleans: Sun 1:00p, DirecTV 705

Another "usually crappy team that's doing pretty well so far": Detroit. When all else fails, these are usually the types of teams I pull for. Detroit at Minnesota: Sun 1:00p, DirecTV 710

(Other locally broadcast games: 1:00p FOX - NYG/PHI. 4:15p FOX - GB/CHI. 8:20p NBC - PIT/IND.)
(Other games: 1:00p - SF/CIN, MIA/CLE, DET/MIN, DEN/TEN. 4:00p - NYJ/OAK, BAL/STL, KC/SD, ATL/TB, ARI/SEA.)

[current time spent: 11:30]

College football

Let's start with the ACC, and Florida State. The Seminoles were not able to beat perceived #1 Oklahoma last weekend, but the excitement is back, is it not? Win or lose, it was fun to see FSU back on the "big stage". That said, today's game against Clemson is bigger than the Oklahoma game. If they truly are "back" (I still have my doubts, especially considering the Seminoles' injury troubles), then they should beat Clemson, right. Lose, and all this "hype" was for nothing, I think. I never bought into the hype, though, and I'm not surprised that Clemson is actually the favorite here. If they win, great! If not, then we're back to the FSU 21st century status quo, which isn't a completely bad place to be, honestly. Florida State at Clemson: Sat 3:30p, ESPN

Speaking of the 21st century status quo, Penn State seems to be back in the "maybe hopefully we'll win enough games to be bowl eligible" mode that they were in a few years ago. (Full disclosure: I was not able to catch the Temple game. I only read about it.) And that means today's game is probably the only guaranteed win they have left. Eastern Michigan at Penn State: Sat 12:00p, ESPN2

I missed Temple last week, so how about this week? Temple at Maryland: Sat 12:30p, WRAL (ACC Network)

I've pretty much ignored Florida so far, in part because I'm choosing to relish in the relative anonymity that the Gators are experiencing in the post-Urban Meyer days. I don't mind them so much when they're "just another team". Florida at Kentucky: Sat 7:00p, ESPN

ABC has been able to land a pretty solid game most weeks. How much of a role do the TV networks play when scheduling these non-conference games? And, are preseason rankings of teams who have such games early in the season inflated (consciously or not) to make the game seem more important? I always wonder about that. LSU at West Virginia: Sat 8:00p, ABC

Other games I'm mildly interested in:

North Carolina at Georgia Tech, Sat 12:00p, ESPN: You know me and my mid-level ACC matchups. Although if last week is any indication, maybe Georgia Tech is a contender.
North Dakota State at Minnesota, Sat 7:00p, BTN: Minnesota seems to have more trouble beating FCS/I-AA teams than any other big conference team. (Well, except Duke.)
Nebraska at Wyoming, Sat 7:30p, Versus: The football programs of these two schools are so distant from each other, it didn't register at first that these two states actually share a border.
Missouri at Oklahoma, Sat 8:00p, FX: FOX better be paying Gus Johnson a lot of money. So far, it seems like he committed career suicide by giving up the NFL and March Madness just so he could call the Big 12/Pac-12 blowout of the week on FX.

Uh oh...I'm up to 28 minutes. No time to talk conference realignment. (In short: just what the ACC needs, more northern teams that nobody down here cares about!) Better finish this up quick...

Auto racing

Will NASCAR actually get to race on Sunday this week? Maybe. NASCAR Sprint Cup at New Hampshire: Sun 2:00p, ESPN

So, we were at church last week, and one of the hymns sounded very, very familiar. "Hey, this melody sounds familiar. Somebody's national anthem goes by this same tune, but I can't figure out which one." Turns out it was the German national anthem, which I have heard many times this year, thanks to Sebastian Vettel (German) winning pretty much every Formula One race this year. Formula One Singapore Grand Prix: Sun 8:00a, SPEED

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