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Sports Saturday: 9/17/11

If I'm honest, the "positive feedback received" / "effort exerted" ratio is lower on these Sports Saturday posts than it is with anything else I do on the blog. I think it's about time I improve that ratio. Not by making the product better, no, but by decreasing the amount of effort I put into these. Yes! In fact, I'm now putting myself on a clock: no more than 30 minutes per "Sports Saturday" post. Which means the odds of me getting around to talking about NASCAR are pretty slim this time, but we'll see what happens.


So last week, I made a big stink about how the Jaguars shouldn't have cut David Garrard, blah blah blah. Well, Luke McCown has the Jaguars sitting at 1-0. That doesn't mean I was wrong; that just means that the Jaguars relied mostly on the running game (as they should have), while Titans quarterback Matt Hasselbeck missed open receiver after open receiver. (Time for Jake Locker?) That's my analysis, anyway. As you should know by now, I don't really know what I'm talking about with this stuff. If McCown and the Jaguars win game #2, then I'll really be impressed. Jacksonville at NY Jets: Sun 1:00p, WRAL 5

Last week, I also said that Cam Newton wasn't ready to start. Wrong again. This is why I should just watch, not analyze. Green Bay at Carolina: Sun 1:00p, WRAZ 50

The Buffalo Bills won their season opener 41-7 (!). I think it's the uniforms. Oakland at Buffalo: Sun 1:00p, DirecTV 705

If the Colts suck all season as much as they did last weekend, then I'm going to watch as much of this train wreck as I can. This Sunday will be a pretty good gauge of the Colts' true sans-Peyton suckitude. Cleveland at Indianapolis: Sun 1:00p, DirecTV 708

I can't decide on a late game to focus on, so I'm going to base it on who is doing the play-by-play. Our choices: Thom Brennaman on FOX, and Jim Nantz, Ian Eagle, and Spero Dedes on CBS. Ian Eagle it is! Houston at Miami: Sun 4:15p, DirecTV 716

(Other games: Sun 1:00p - KC/DET, BAL/TEN, ARI/WAS, TB/MIN, CHI/NO, SEA/PIT. Sun 4:00p - DAL/SF, SD/NE [local broadcast], CIN/DEN. Sun 8:15p - PHI/ATL.)

College football

Big game here: Oklahoma at Florida State: Sat 8:00p, ABC. Or is it? It's only labeled as such based on meaningless preseason rankings. Maybe we'll look back on this weekend and think, "You know, that game didn't really have that much impact on the BCS championship after all. That Auburn at Clemson game, however...that one really slipped under the radar." You never know this early in the season. That said, this is a big opportunity for FSU. Are they "back" or not? My pessimistic viewpoint: we've been through this before, multiple times over the past decade. FSU gets a top 10 preseason ranking, everyone says "FSU is back!", and then they flame out in their first real test of the season. We'll see.

I didn't watch any of the Penn State/Alabama game, and I don't feel like I missed a thing. While I am looking forward to the start of Big Ten play, today's game isn't exactly a gimme. Penn State at Temple: Sat 12:00p, ESPN (Speaking of the Big Ten, some are writing the conference name as B1G, like in their logo. The logo is alright, but I think it looks tacky in typed form, and "Big Ten" is how you say it out loud, so "Big Ten" it is.)

Utah lost their Pac-12 opener to USC last weekend. Utah was a perennial "BCS buster" when they played in the Mountain West, so my hope is that if Utah struggles in their first year in the Pac-12, that people don't hold that against teams like Boise State and TCU. "See what happens when you put one of these teams in a real conference?" Uh huh. But this year's Utah team is not that good, though. But I am still oddly intrigued by their first year in the Pac-12. I might watch more of the Utah Utes than ever before. Utah at BYU: Sat 9:15p, ESPN2

And, my 30 minutes is up. I guess I'll have to keep my thoughts on Ohio State/Miami, and on Paul Menard, to myself.

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