Thursday, September 08, 2011


I've been doing this blogging thing long enough, I don't always remember what I've written about before and what I haven't. So before I write a new blog post, I always search the archives to make sure I don't unknowingly repeat something I wrote four or five years ago. the dinner the other night, as I ate my ketchup-covered french fries, I thought: "Hey, I could blog about the different ways to apply ketchup to your french fries. Either you dip each fry individually, or you pour the ketchup all over your collection fries before you begin. That's a blog post right there." Except that this topic had already been covered on my February 26, 2007 blog post:

The way I see it, there are two methods by which to put ketchup on french fries. Method 1: Create a puddle of ketchup and dip each fry into the puddle on demand. Method 2: Pour ketchup all over the pile of fries. Method 1 requires extra work for each and every fry, and that's why I prefer method 2. The downsides of method 2 are that you don't get equal coverage which each fry, and that it can be kind of messy. But I think the lack of equal coverage makes things more interesting. And, I often eat my fries with a fork to avoid the mess.

Well, damn. And you know what, everything I said back then is still true. I still eat my fries the same way now that I did back then. Although apparently, there are more than just those two options - for example, pouring ketchup from the bottle onto each fry individually before you eat each one.

This "oh crap, I already wrote about this" discovery has happened quite a few times as of late. Does that mean I'm running out of material? Perhaps. Actually, I've been slowly running out of material for a long time. The french fry discussion from 2007 was part of an old feature called "Today's random thought(s)", which were thoughts that I didn't feel were worthy of an entire blog post, but that I still thought were interesting. Way back in the day, I used to have three random thoughts, every single day (!). Then, "Today's random thoughts" (plural) became "Today's random thought" (singular). Finally, "Today's random thought" became a distant memory once I discovered that I could write an entire blog post out of practically any "random thought" if I tried hard enough.

I have actually considered just going ahead and re-writing a "new" blog post anyway, under the assumption that none of you will remember, or will have read in the first place, what I wrote on February 26, 2007. My readership is small enough, I could probably get away with it, too. Heck, I might even be able to re-publish a blog post from five years ago word for word (without "Today's random thought(s)", of course) without anyone noticing. As fun an experiment as that would be, I'm better than that. I???? Better watch out, because my next blog post could be a repeat, and you may never know.

By the way...I think the stuff about prime numbers that I wrote on February 26, 2007 is far more interesting than anything related to ketchup or french fries. Maybe I should have re-published that blog post instead.

Getting back to the original question: what to do when I have a clever idea for a blog post, only to find out that I blogged about it years ago? Instead of blogging about that same topic again, just blog about the fact that I had a clever idea for a blog post only to find out I blogged about it years ago. Unfortunately, I can only do this once. Or maybe once every five years.

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James Allen said...

Don't worry: you'll have plenty to talk about soon enough thanks to the little one.

You know, Amber.