Friday, September 16, 2011

Random Bicycling Statistics

They say that as a blogging rule, one should avoid posting "content for the sake of content". I never got that memo. Here, folks, is content (bicycling statistics) for the sake of content (because I didn't post anything yesterday, and because tomorrow's "Sports Saturday" post is going to be pretty weak).

This Monday, I rode my bike to work for the 100th time*. In honor of this feat, I came up with the following afore-mentioned "bike to work stats":
- By biking to work, I've saved $62 in gas and 650 car miles. That's really not all that much in the long run, but it's better than nothing.
- On the other hand, biking to work has helped me burn approximately 25,000 calories, which equates to 7 pounds of body fat. Now that is something.
- Going back to my first bicycle commute (June 23, 2009), I commute via bicycle, on average, 3.8 times per month. In 2011, I'm averaging 4.6 times per month, which is about once a week.
- My 3¼-mile ride to work takes me, on average, 15 minutes and 52 seconds. My fastest and slowest times are 18:33 and 12:48, respectively. Also - and I think this is really interesting - my average commute time is 50 seconds faster in the afternoon than in the morning. (I feel like I've mentioned that before. If so...oh well.)
- I ride to work most often on Tuesday (29 times) and least often on Monday (10 times). Monday morning is always a tough sell for me.

The two most rewarding things about riding to work are 1) leaving my car at home all day (I am an EPA contractor, after all), and 2) when I get home, I've already exercised and can go do something else instead. Yay!

A few weeks ago, I posted this graph of my weekly bicycling distance. Now, here is the same data in a different format:

Weekly bicycling distance frequency

0.0 miles: 2 weeks
0.1-10.0 miles: 1 week
10.1-20.0 miles: 11 weeks
20.1-30.0 miles: 12 weeks
30.1-40.0 miles: 24 weeks
40.1-50.0 miles: 29 weeks
50.1-60.0 miles: 18 weeks
60.1-70.0 miles: 3 weeks
70.1+ miles: 1 week

25th percentile: 29.7 miles
50th percentile: 40.3 miles
75th percentile: 48.2 miles
Highest weekly total: 70.8 miles

Finally, in my fictional Bicycling Trip to Alaska, I am now only three to five weeks away from the Alaska border. Almost there! This next week might fall into that 10 to 20 mile range, though, so it'll probably be closer to five weeks.


bubba0077 said...

Ah, but is that 50s difference between morning and afternoon statistically significant?

Chris Allen said...'s been a while since I've done one of these.
Standard deviation is 46s, both morning and afternoon. Sample sizes are 98 and 91 (sometimes I forget to stop the stopwatch).
Using this, t = 50/(46*√(1/98+1/91)) = 7.47 --> statistically significant at a very high confidence (well over 99.9%). Did I do that right?