Monday, September 12, 2011

Curling Recap: 9/9/11

Curling is back! Did you miss it?

The Triangle Curling Club begins its Fall Leagues this week. This will be our first league as parents, which means Amber and I aren't going to curl together this time around. I'll be curling on Friday nights and Amber on Sunday afternoons, while the other babysits.

I haven't played a single game since the end of June. For Amber, it's been longer than that (mid-April). Amber and I have participated in the club's Carolina Classic the past three Augusts, but we had to sit it out this year as we took care of our week old Marla. I admit, it was tough to stay away from the rink that weekend. (Side note: the team from Detroit that defeated us in the final of last year's Classic, repeated as champions this year.)

But before we get the league about a warmup pick-up game?

Career game #152: Pick-up - September 9, 2011

End.......... 1234567 |TTL
Allen........ 0200110 | 04
Jaun......... 3011001 | 06

I learned something in this game which I kind of already knew. When I'm playing Skip, and the Vice-skip is somebody whom I know is better an more experienced than I am, then I am far less confident with my decision making. If I had to play this game over again, I would have made sure that I was not the Skip.

Also something I kind of already knew: playing frequently helps. From a shot-making perspective, this was my worst game in recent memory. However, as Skip, I never really had any easy shots. The ice was draw-friendly and not take-out friendly, so by the time my turn came up, we never really had a whole lot of options. I'm not sure I made a single shot the entire game which benefitted our team. Meanwhile, I do remember giving the other team a point on my last shot. The good news is that my play will only get better as the season progresses. In theory. I don't think I'll get back to the level I was at in the Spring, though, when I played twice a week locally and traveled to two out-of-town bonspiels.

Even though I don't think I played that well, we still had a chance to tie the game on my last shot (with the other team's last rock yet to go), and I almost made it, too. Our only option was to raise a center guard into the house to (maybe) score one. I struggled reading the line all night, but on this shot (and the one before it), we actually had the line correct...but I was just a little too heavy. Or is that my first attempt that I'm thinking of? I don't remember.

This game counts in the stats all the same, but it was still kind of "preseason". I didn't dwell too much on it afterwards. Maybe you can figure that out based on the quality (or lack thereof) of this recap. In fact, I almost forgot to record the end-by-end score so that I could post it here. (Oh no!) But these recaps will get better once the league starts and I get another game or two under my belt. I promise. Maybe.

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