Monday, September 19, 2011

Curling Recap: 9/16/11

Career game #153: 2011 Fall League - September 16, 2011

End.......... 12345678 |TTL
Allen........ 00003110 | 05
Wright....... 12110002 | 07

Let's rewind to last January. In my first game of the Triangle Curling Club Winter League, I grabbed an early 5-0 lead, squandered it, and then won anyway. Now, in my first game of the Fall League, against the same opposing skip: I went down 5-0 early, fought back to tie, and lost anyway.

Being the first game of the season, it took us a while to get going (needless to say), even though some of us curled the previous Friday. I actually think we're fortunate to have only trailed 5-0 at the halfway point. We struggled with weight to the point where we could hardly even get anything in play, let alone in good position. But by the 5th end, we started playing much better.

In the odd-numbered ends, there was a bit of a trough down the center of the ice. If you throw a rock in that area, it would more or less hold the center line, aside from a wobble here and there. So with this particular setup (prior to my first of two Skip's rocks), I really only had one play: LET 'ER RIP. (our team = red)

Given the center-line "wobbles", you couldn't really plan for a double take-out. You just had to throw it hard and hope for the best. That's what I did, and lucky for us, my rock hit yellow #2 nearly head-on, but just off-center enough so that it would hit about half of yellow #1. That sent both yellows out of the house, and leaving three red rocks in the house. If #2 had hit #1 head-on, then of course, #2 would have stayed in there. We needed a little bit of luck there, sure, but any double take-out is worthy of a diagram.

I gave one away on my final shot of that end, however, throwing the wrong turn on my last rock that would have given us four points instead of three. Combine that with a gift second point that I gave them in the 2nd end (promoting a second yellow rock into the house on my last shot, for two opposing instead of one), and maybe that was the difference. There are ways we could have won this game, but mostly, it came down to the other team getting early position in most ends, and making the key shots when they needed them early in the game and in the last end. They played very solid defense throughout the game, which is unusual for a Lance W.-skipped team. (Usually Lance likes to play a little more aggressive. Maybe this is the new Lance?) I like playing defensively (see career game #135), but we never had an opportunity to get defensive in this game.

This coming Friday, we play on one of the "outer sheets", which are generally sloped more and are more difficult to play on. At the same time, I think the outer sheets benefit me as Skip. Will it help me this Friday?

Meanwhile, Amber curled for the first time post-pregnancy on Sunday. Her team lost, but I'm sure it felt good for her to get back on the ice. Amber will be curling most Sundays this Fall. (Marla stayed home with me on Sunday evening, which in and of itself is worth blogging about. Look forward to that later this week.)

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