Thursday, September 22, 2011

Beer: The Return

Recall that back in May, I gave up beer, completely and effective immediately, citing immediate headaches whenever I had a drink or two. (I don't mean headaches the morning after; I mean immediate headaches.) Well, four months later, it's time for a new policy! I think a compromise can be found, so my self-imposed complete beer ban is history. This new policy, which has actually been in effect for a couple of weeks now, has worked out okay so far.

Introducing my new policy on beer (and other alcoholic drinks, although over 95% of the alcohol I consume is in the form of beer):
- In "open bar" situations, such as wedding receptions, in which all alcohol is pre-paid: have at it.
- Curling: When I lose, I may accept a free drink if I wish. (Curling tradition dictates that the winning team buys the losing team a round of drinks.) When I win, no beer.

Basically, these first two rules amount to this: If I don't have to pay for the drink myself, I can drink. Otherwise, nope. But there is more to it than that...

- At home: No drinking at home, period. Even if someone else brings beer to my house at no charge to me.
- In other social situations: Decide on a case-by-case basis. Most social situations will dictate "no beer", but I will make exceptions when my "social status" seems to depend greatly on it. (Recall that the reason I started drinking beer in the first place was part of an effort to be more socially acceptable. Because, you know, all the kids are doing it!) I don't expect to activate this clause too often, if ever, but I figured I'd write it into the rules. Rules which are totally arbitrary and non-binding, of course.

I think this is a good compromise. My body can handle some beer, but only in moderation; it must be regulated.


Adam said...

What would your call be on the next time we have a poker night on this end of town?

Chris Allen said...

I think that would be a one beer occasion. Certainly not back-to-back 24 oz cans of High Life, unfortunately.

Jeff said...