Thursday, August 25, 2011

Bananas For Now, Bananas For Later

Buying bananas at the grocery store often consists of wading through piles and piles of them, looking for ones that have just the right amount of ripeness based on personal preference, and when you think you'll get around to eating them. Well, Kroger is trying to make it easier on us:

I think this is absolutely brilliant. How do you like your bananas? If you like then mostly yellow with perhaps a few brown spots, then take some from the left. If you prefer your bananas in shades of green, or don't plan on eating your bananas for a few days, then take some from the right. Brilliant! I'm sure other stores do this too, but this is the first time I've ever seen it.

I will actually only eat bananas when they exhibit at least a little green and virtually no brown spots. I love the taste of a greenish-yellow banana, but I am not a fan of the general banana flavor you get from those in the "bananas for now" pile. The flavor you get from a "for later" banana is completely different, and that's a flavor I like. So for me, "bananas for later" are really "bananas for now", and "bananas for now" are "bananas for never". This makes me appreciate the sorting even more.

Type or say the word "banana" enough time, and the word starts to lose its meaning and sound like mere gibberish. Try it!

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allen_t said...

Your great grandfather (Poppy) would only eat bananas that were completely black. Thus the term "Poppy bananas". Needless to say we did not eat bananas very often when we visited them.