Monday, January 31, 2011

Curling Recap: 1/28-1/30/11

Time to briefly recap last weekend's curling games, both of which were very close, again...

Career game #122: Winter League (Friday), Week 2 - January 28, 2011

End......... 12345678S |TTL
Schoolman... 021000300 | 06
Allen....... 100111021 | 07

My general strategy is to go for a two-point end, and then once I've secured two, guard the heck out of what I've got. In this game, though, I don't think we ever had the two all that often. The other team played us tough, and most of the time, we had to scratch and claw just to get the one.

...until the last end. What changed in the last end that allowed us to get two? Well, I knew one point wasn't going to be good enough (we were down two), so I started playing a more aggressive take-out strategy, because we had no choice. That strategy doesn't always work, and the take-outs we had been trying earlier in the game didn't work out. (I remember one in particular that actually helped the other team. Bad call on my part.) But we played an outstanding final end, made the hits and draws we needed to make, and we got the two points we needed to tie. I actually had a chance to win the game with my last shot in the 8th end, just like last week, but...I was a little heavy. (Okay, a lot heavy.) We won the "Skip Rock Shootout" with what might have been one of my best draws ever, though, so...things worked out. What missed shot?

Amber played in a different game, winning 5-4, also in a "shootout".

Career game #123: Winter League (Sunday), Week 2 - January 30, 2011
(My team: Witcraft)

End........... 12345678 |TTL
Hamilton-UNC.. 01010200 | 04
Witcraft...... 10101011 | 05

If two teams are equal, then you would generally expect the team with last rock to score one point in each end, right? That's exactly what happened in six of the eight ends in this game, and the two exceptions kind of canceled each other out (scoring two with last rock is roughly equivalent to scoring one without last rock). Safe to say this was a very evenly played game. The difference? We won the coin toss. We play Team Hamilton-UNC again later in the season; it'll be fun to see what happens in the rematch.

On a side note, this was my first game of the year not playing as Skip. This was the first time in several weeks that I had to sweep, showed. Maybe I should start working out my arms some during the week. (On second thought, nah.)

So, for those keeping track at home: all four of my games so far in 2011 have been one-point wins. (Amber is 2-0, with one of those being a one-point win.) I know I'd be a bit frustrated if I lost four one-point games in a row, because repeated failures in clutch situations tend to frustrate me more than anything else (e.g. losing three consecutive championship games). I'll just need to remember that this particular streak happened next time I lose four close ones in a row, because that's bound to happen sooner or later.

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