Thursday, September 02, 2010

Grass: 9/2/10 Update

Remember that grass we were trying to grow in our yard? Here's what it looked like back in May:

Since then, we've had a mostly dry summer, not to mention one of the hottest on record. The result?

Looks like we're pretty much back to where we started.

So, that didn't work. But we've heard from somebody that a good time to plant grass seeds is immediately before a major snowstorm, the theory being that the snow will not only insulate the ground, but will also keep the ground moist. So...maybe we'll make another attempt this winter? We'll see. Something tells me there's a reason why there wasn't any grass here to begin with.


allen_t said...

You can have grass or you can have shade but it is difficult to have both in the south.

Chad Buffington said...

You are trying to grow grass under the shade of trees? I echo the advice of "allen_t"; don't do that.

Spartangoogle said...

When your trees get big enough, if they are a variety that will, the lower limbs can be trimmed so the sun can penetrate to the lawn, as with our huge oak by the front door.