Monday, September 13, 2010

Generic Stat Update

It's looking like it'll be a slow blog week. Generally, my policy is this: when in about statistics!

Let's see if I can scrounge up anything interesting from the latest issue of By the Numbers:

CAR MILEAGE: After the Alaska trip, my car had about 5,500 miles more on it than Amber's car. Now, the gap is down to 3,400, and that's after we took my car to Pittsburgh. If we get it down to 2,000 by the end of the year, then both my car and Amber's car will have gone the same number of miles in 2010, even though my car went to Alaska and back.

GASOLINE STATISTICS: My car got over 40 mpg on the Alaska trip, but I struggled to get 40 on the Pittsburgh trip, even though we took a lot of slower roads. Maybe all that mountain driving is to blame?

TWO-LANE PASSING: My "aggressiveness score" seems to have reached an equilibium of around 65%, which means that on two-lane roads, I pass two cars for every one car that passes me.

COUNTY VISITATION: I'm still 242 more counties away from achieving 50% nationwide visitation. Given that I've already taken care of all of North Carolina and most of Virginia and South Carolina, that might take a while. Meanwhile, my car needs to visit 144 more counties before it ties my old Saturn with 522 counties visited nationwide; whether or not that will happen probably depends on how soon we have a kid.

CURLING: Career game #103 was last Friday night. I'll recap it tomorrow, as well as preview the upcoming "Fall League", which begins this coming Friday.

NIGHTS BY COUNTY: Our next overnight trip will be the second weekend in October, to Bridgeport, Connecticut. Why are we spending two nights in my 49th-favorite vacation state? Curling!

BICYCLING: For no apparent reason, my bike odometer crapped out during last weekend's ride, then started working again a few minutes later. I estimated that there were 0.8 miles left unaccounted for. I'll have to keep an eye on that. If odometer troubles continue, I may get an old school odometer, because those are way cooler than the digital ones.

KICKBALL: We actually won a second game after I wrote this post a couple of weeks ago, and convincingly, too (7-0). But then we lost the next one 10-2. Back to reality. Tonight, a rematch against the team that we beat 6-4. Given that they're probably a better team than us and will no doubt be looking for sweet revenge, I expect to be "mercy ruled" tonight.

OIL CHANGE HISTORY: Looks like I still have about 1,500 miles remaining until I need my next oil change. That's not bad, considering my last oil change was in Fairbanks.

POWER OUTAGES: No power outages in eight months. Not bad!

CAR STALLS: This is a boring stat. I'm thinking of removing it.

DIRECTV PHONE CALLS: Might remove this stat, too. I half expected something to not quite work right with NFL Sunday Ticket yesterday, but no phone calls were necessary. I'll talk more about my Week One NFL Sunday Ticket experience in the next "Sports Saturday".

BOWLING: We haven't gone bowling since January. I'll have to keep that in the back of my mind next time Amber and I are bored.

CANADIAN COUNTY VISITATION: When will we be back in Canada again? Good question. Again, that'll depend on when we have that kid. Actually, having a kid with us might make it EASIER to get through customs.

RESTAURANT SERVING TIMES: With 3½ months remaining in 2010, the fastest and slowest restaurant serving times of the year still both belong to Alaska restaurants. My prediction is for both marks (5:08 and 42:22) to stand up through the end of the year. Even if it doesn't stand up, given that it was only a party of 3, Gambardella's of Fairbanks should truly be embarrassed for themselves. Gambardella's time of 42:22 is the worst time ever for a party of 4 or less, by more than 10 minutes! (The second-worst time ever for a party of 4 or less belongs to Olive Garden of Cary - 31:37 for a party of 2.) Meanwhile, we've already gone out to eat more in 2010 (29 times) than we did all of last year (25 times), but we're still well short of 2007 (50 times).

INTERSTATES DRIVEN: North Carolina is still the only state in which I've driven every inch of major interstate highway. I have South Carolina on my radar screen, though. Day trip to Charleston, anyone?

DISC GOLF: Here's another thing we could do next time we're bored. Unlike bowling, it's free, and it's outside!

As for the rest of this week...anyone got any ideas? I'm very open this week. If there's any topic that you'd like me to blog about this week, let me know, and I'll do my best. And I mean, ANY topic, even something I know nothing about.

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