Monday, September 27, 2010

Curling Recap: 9/24/10

In an effort to "be nice" and "not gloat", I'm going to try and keep it brief this week.

Career game #105: Fall League Week 2 - September 24, 2010
(Our team = Scheck)

End........ 1234567 |TTL
Collins.... 0000000 | 00
Scheck..... 5113222 | 16

Would-be opposing Skip Rich C. was on vacation last week, and the resulting shuffling around of the other team's roster gave us a pretty solid (read: unfair) advantage in experience. In some sports, you can make up for a lack of experience with athleticism or "raw ability", but not in a feel-based sport like curling. On top of that, we played really well (Amber especially). But...I felt kind of bad. We do want our new curlers to come back next season, right?

So, I don't want to dwell on this game too much, but I can't help but talk stats. This was my second career shutout victory (minimum 6 ends), my largest career margin of victory (win or loss), and my highest career point total. All of those also apply to Amber except for the highest career point total; she was on the winning side of a 17-4 game a few years back.

Moving you may know, whether it's curling, kickball, or whatever, I'm usually a bit pessimistic about our chances before each game. That attitude helps me get in the right mindset, the mindset being that I need to play my best in order to win. I guess it's more psychology than it is real, actual pessimism. (Well...with kickball, it is actual pessimism. We truly stink.)

Given the situation going into the game, I couldn't really convince myself that we were the underdog last Friday. Next week, however, it's a different story. Our team's Skip Dan can't make it this coming week, meaning I'll play Skip in the next game. While I do have a good career record as Skip (15-6), I normally lose when I skip against the prestigious Friday League "big guns". And, this will be our fourth consecutive Friday night of curling, which based on experience is normally when we start to tail off, especially compared to the rest of the club, who is no doubt up to full song by this point in the season. So, we're going to lose. I'm sure of it.

Psychology, pessimism, or both? You decide.

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