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Sports Saturday: 8/28/10

In today's issue:

College football: The beginning of college football season! Well, almost.
NFL: I think I've had my fill of preseason.
Auto racing: I think I have a new favorite NASCAR driver, and he's not even racing again until next year.

College football: The 2010 college football season doesn't start until next weekend, but we'll be out of town, so let's kick off the season this week! Yeah!

Now...if you may think that I'd be posting some kind of "preview" or something, you'd be wrong. I have no idea how good Florida State or Penn State (or anyone else, for that matter) is going to be good this year. I haven't looked at a single set of preseason rankings. I don't even know who Penn State's starting quarterback is this year. I just like to watch the games. I think it'll be more fun going into the season knowing absolutely nothing about even my favorite teams. Zero expectations! Everything will be a surprise! I'll be absolutely terrible at my Dirty Dawg picks this year, but that's okay.

But really, here's the best thing about this season of college football: NO MORE TEBOW!!! Unfortunately, I'm sure Tebow's name is sure to come up during many a college football broadcast this year. Here's a fun drinking game: every time Tim Tebow's name is mentioned during a college football broadcast this year, go bang your head against the wall.

Unlike past years when I list every Division I Bowl Subdivision game on television, this year, to reflect my slightly decreased interest in college football (countered by my purchase of NFL Sunday Ticket), I'm only going to list the following games (which are also the only games I'm going to pay attention to):
- Any game featuring a team from the ACC or Big Ten
- 1/3 to 1/2 of the games featuring SEC and Big East teams (depending on personal interest), including all South Florida games
- Any game with Notre Dame (for Amber and her dad), Utah or Bowling Green (two teams I mildly follow just for the heck of it), or Nebraska (a future Big Ten team).

And since I'm doing this a week early, I'm going to list games that fit my criteria for the entire weekend, starting on Thursday. Woo! (Note: I'm just getting my schedules from this site, so if you want a more complete list of games, go there.)

Thu 9/2 7:30p - Marshall at Ohio State, Big Ten Network (regional) (Big Ten football on a Thursday??? Blasphemy!)
Thu 9/2 7:30p - Towson at Indiana, Big Ten Network (regional) (Note: just because a game is listed doesn't mean I care about it. But I did say "all Big Ten games would be listed".)
Thu 9/2 7:30p - Southern Miss at South Carolina, ESPN (Only makes the list because it's basically the season premiere.)
Thu 9/2 8:30p - Pittsburgh at Utah, Versus (Woo! I get to watch college football on Versus this year!)
Sat 9/4 12:00p - Samford at Florida State, ESPNU
Sat 9/4 12:00p - Youngstown State at Penn State, Big Ten Network (I'm happy that both FSU and PSU scheduled seemingly crappy opponents for the first game of the season, since I won't be able to watch them anyway. Besides, both teams have HUGE games the following weekend, so these games? Meh.)
Sat 9/4 12:00p - Western Michigan at Michigan State, ESPN2
Sat 9/4 12:00p - Eastern Illinois at Iowa, Big Ten Network (regional)
Sat 9/4 12:30p - Illinois v. Missouri, FSN
Sat 9/4 3:30p - Purdue at Notre Dame, NBC
Sat 9/4 3:30p - North Texas at Clemson, ESPNU
Sat 9/4 3:30p - Connecticut at Michigan, ABC or ESPN2 (program guide doesn't say which will be which in our area yet)
Sat 9/4 8:00p - LSU v. North Carolina, ABC (UNC's football team has been making a lot of headlines lately, for all the wrong reasons. I haven't really been following along, but apparently, they have some kind of academic scandal brewing or something. A few players may not be able to play this season. Good luck against LSU, guys!)
Sat 9/4 11:00p - Wisconsin at UNLV, Versus
Mon 9/6 4:00p - Maryland v. Navy, ESPN
Mon 9/6 8:00p - Boise State v. Virginia Tech, ESPN (I'm looking forward to this game.)

NFL: I've been trying to watch some preseason games, but I can't get into it. They're just too meaningless. Besides, I'll be watching plenty of pro football once the season starts.

(NOTE: Only live game broadcasts are listed, not the many NFL Network replays.)
Sat 5:00p - Cleveland at Detroit, NFL Network
Sat 8:00p - Dallas at Houston, CBS
Sun 8:00p - Pittsburgh at Denver, FOX

Auto racing: A couple of years ago, Amber developed a blood clot in her leg, was hospitalized for a week, was diagnosed with May-Thurner syndrome, had to take blood thinners every day for 18 months (I think?), will have to take blood thinners again if/when (hopefully when) she gets pregnant, and still has to wear a compression sock on her left foot. So, when NASCAR driver Brian Vickers was hospitalized for a blood clot of his own three months ago and would have to sit out the rest of the 2010 Sprint Cup season, I could totally relate. (Doctors won't let you race while on blood thinners due to the extreme risk of internal bleeding after a violent crash.)

Then, just last week, Vickers announced that he, too, had been diagnosed with May-Thurner syndrome. Hey! I know what that is. My wife has it, too! May-Thurner is pretty rare, so the fact that a successful NASCAR driver has the same rare medical disorder as my wife...well, it's not "cool". I obviously wouldn't wish this on anyone. But it does help to know that a famous NASCAR driver who is about the same age is just as likely as my wife to have an obscure medical condition. (Amber's leg clotted at 25 years, 11 months, while Brian's clot developed at 26 years, 7 months.) In a way, it kind of legitimizes everything that Amber has had to go through. No longer are blood clots, compression socks, and anticoagulants just for old people!

Amber and Brian have exhibited different symptoms, though. While Amber's clot never left her leg, Brian Vickers's blood clots left his leg and traveled into his lungs, resulting in a pulmonary embolism; and later through a hole in his heart into and into one of his fingers, requiring surgery. While Amber's life was never really in danger, Brian's blood clots could have killed him. On the other hand, at least Brian doesn't have to worry about getting pregnant.

While all May-Thurner cases are not created equal, I still feel for the guy. Vickers says he'll be off blood thinners in January - that sounds optimistic based on Amber's case, but again, all May-Thurner cases are not created equal. Either way, I hope he's cleared to race at Daytona next February, and if he is, I'll be pulling for him. I wish him nothing but the best.

Sat 8:00p - IndyCar from Chicagoland, Versus
Sun 8:00a - Formula One Belgian Grand Prix, SPEED (one of my favorite F1 tracks!)
Sun 2:30p - NASCAR Nationwide from Montréal, ESPN2

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