Thursday, August 12, 2010

Routine Jacksonville Trip

It's time to take a three-day weekend and head to Jacksonville, Florida to see the folks. Wee! It's been a while...and I'm not just saying that, either. It's been 228 days since my last visit to Jacksonville (December 27, 2009), and that's the longest gap between Jacksonville visits in my entire life. Hey, maybe that means the I-95 construction in Georgia is done by now! (Or not. It will never be done.)

It'll probably be a fairly routine visit, except that for the first time ever, we're bringing our bicycles with us. For one, I'm curious how much having two bikes hitched to the back of your car affects fuel mileage. I would normally expect something in the 30-35 mpg range with Amber's car en route to Jacksonville (most of I-95 is speed limit 70, which doesn't make for the most efficient driving; Amber's car gets 35+ mpg en route to Toledo). Having two bikes hitched to the back will affect weight a little and aerodynamics a lot. But how much?

Also, here's a statistical note: since we're taking our bikes to Jacksonville, and Amber has to come pick me up from work this afternoon anyway (we always leave straight from work), I figured, why not just bike to work? Logistically, it made perfect sense. The statistical consequence of that is that for the purposes of By the Numbers, this only officially counts as a "half commute" by bicycle, since I'm not riding my bike home afterwards. I don't like having that ½ sticking out there, so maybe I'll orchestrate another "half commute" by bicycle some other time.

So, yes. Driving to Jacksonville isn't as exciting as driving to Alaska, but I might live tweet the trip anyway.

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