Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Honda Civic Sun Visor: Update

Two months ago, the driver's side sun visor on my 2008 Honda Civic broke, meaning it would no longer stay up against the roof on its own. Upon discovering that this was a widespread problem among 8th Generation (2006-) Honda Civics due to defective engineerong on Honda's part, I then attempted a "home remedy" fix of sorts with velcro. How did that work out? worked out great for the first month, including throughout our 10,000-mile drive to Alaska. The velcro was strong enough to hold the sun visor flush to the ceiling, and it didn't appear to be pulling on the roof liner, either. But eventually, the glue holding one the of the velcro strips to the visor gave way. (It was pretty serious glue, too.) So, in the end, my "home remedy" lasted about six weeks. I guess it was worth a shot.

I plan on keeping my car for at least five more years, so I decided to go with the longer-term solution: a brand new visor. You win, Honda! I didn't want to give a Honda dealer $72 to fix it for me, though (it's the principal of the matter), so instead I ordered one online for $47. (That price included shipping. If you look hard enough, you can probably find a better price, maybe in the $30-40 range including shipping.) This meant I'd have to replace the sun visor myself, but hard can it be?

So, this begs the do you replace the sun visor on a Honda Civic? I couldn't find a particularly useful how-to-guide on the internet, so I kind of had to figure it out myself. So now, for the betterment of the internet (not to mention frustrated Honda Civic owners nationwide), here's a basic how-to-guide for how to replace a broken sun visor on your Honda Civic (2006 or later). I would do a YouTube, but I'm not that sophisticated or talented.


Actually, it's pretty self-explanatory once you get past the first step. Maybe that's why nobody's bothered to publish a detailed how-to guide, because this qualifies as "common sense".

The first step is to get this plastic cover off of the roof mount. Pick at the middle separation or at the sides with a flathead screwdriver (or similar), and eventually part of the cover will come off. (There might be a better way than to "pick" at it, but that's what worked for me.) The plastic cover is flexible, so once you get part of it off, you'll be able to bend it on either side and remove it completely. Rotating the sun visor one way or another may make this easier.

After you remove the cover, two screws are revealed. Unscrew them. (Obviously.) The screws are Torx (a.k.a. star), so you'll need a Torx/star screwdriver. Once the unscrewing is done, the sun visor will come right out. Wee! Because of that, I'd advise unscrewing the two screws gradually rather than one at a time.

At that point, it's just a matter of putting the new visor where the old visor was, tightening the screws (my replacement visor came with one screw; the other screw came from the original visor), replacing the plastic cover (which you don't really have to do, but it looks nicer that way), and you're done. Hooray! Didn't it feel good to not give the Honda dealer any more money? Granted, Honda is still getting some of your money indirectly, but still.

I've read that the quality of 8th Generation Honda Civic sun visors has improved over the last couple of years, and that the sun visors in 2009 and later model years aren't as likely to break on a hot day. That's backed up by the fact that everyone who reported their own sun visor calamity on my last blog post, or on various internet message boards, has a 2008 or older Civic. I haven't heard of sun visors breaking on any 2009 or 2010 Civics...yet. My new sun visor was manufactured in April 2010, so I hope I'm right. (Honda puts a small sticker with the date of manufacture on the part of the sun visor that connects into the roof. My broken sun visor was manufactured in September 2007.)

How long will this new sun visor last? Hopefully for the life of the car. That's not too much to ask, right?


Rick B said...

I own a 2009 Honda Civic, purchased in Sept of '08. The passenger side visor split at the seam yesterday while the car was parked at work. I live in Phoenix and the temperature was over 100 deg. At least my warranty is still good.

marky said...

so...My visor is broke as well and i'm going to entertain the fact that honda will repair the issue. I have noticed that if you hold the plastic closed, then you can use the visor as normal. If I can't get it replaced for free then I am going to take a 1" piece of sheet metal and cut about 5 inches off(some heavy duty metal..not real thin anyways). If you take double sided tape(making it look respectable) and wrap it around where it spreads, stick it on there with double sided tape so it doesn't go flying when it feels like it. It should hold pressure over the outside of the plastic around the hinge. This *should* work for the issue that I have. I have come up with this because it seems honda won't fix the issue and even a free visor will break. Wish me luck, good luck to others!

Anonymous said...

My 2008 Honda Civic, has the same problem, I called the NHTSA and reported this defect as a Safety Issue, since it obstructs my view of the road. Do a search on 'Honda Visor' in YouTube to see the defect.
Please report your issue to NHTSA.

Anonymous said...

I had a 2008 civic that did this. I got it fixed but then traded the car in a few months later for a 2010 civic. Well I have had my 2010 for 2 years now and it has happened again. Honda will be hearing from me shortly...