Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I have two choices for internet: DSL and cable. Some people have a third choice: FiOS. If you have FiOS in your neighborhood, then, well, you suck.

What's wrong with DSL and cable internet? Through personal experience, DSL is far inferior to cable internet, in terms of speed, reliability, and lightning strikes. So, DSL is out. Even though cable internet is technologically better (which is why we currently have it), our cable provider is Time Warner, and I don't like them. As unpopular as Comcast is, I'd trade Time Warner for Comcast in a heartbeat. My monthly internet bill has gone up by 9% each of the last two years ($35 to $38 to $41), and I even started with the normal rate, not one of those introductory first 12 months rates. Time Warner also does not provide access to ESPN3, which really bugs me. I would switch to DSL in a heartbeat if it weren't inferior in every other way. In summary: I'm not happy with either of my internet choices.

So, what is this FiOS thing? I admit I don't know much about it, and it's definitely more expensive than what I have now. But I think it'd be worth it. It's much faster than even cable internet, everyone who has it loves it, and best of all, it's not through the cable company! Although I am a very happy DirecTV customer and would only like to switch my internet provider, you can get both TV and internet through FiOS, if you want.

But here's the bad news: FiOS isn't available here, or anywhere else in North Carolina, for that matter. I would get my FiOS service through Frontier Communications, who is also the home phone and DSL provider in my area. (Until recently, it was Verizon, but Verizon shipped all of its North Carolina customers off to Frontier over the summer.) I'd love to be a Frontier customer...but only for FiOS. It might be a different story if Time Warner keeps imposing ridiculous rate increases, but I'd rather not go back to DSL. FiOS would give me the best of both worlds: superior technology, and a provider with which I actually want to do business. I want FiOS!

So...when is North Carolina supposed to get FiOS, anyway? Nobody knows. I can't find any answers online, which almost certainly means it won't happen any time soon. Pout.

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James Allen said...

You and me both.

The slowest internet plan is 15 Mpbs.