Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Ever since I graduated from Penn State and moved to North Carolina, I've been longing for a breakfast-oriented restaurant in the Triangle that's as good as Waffle Shop of State College. Our search hasn't exactly been exhaustive, but we've come up empty so far. Cracker Barrel makes good breakfast, but I want something more local. Courtney's is decent, but we're now over 20 minutes away from the nearest Courtney's location. Everything else we've tried hasn't measured up.

But there is this local chain called Brigs, that until recently, we'd never tried. Brigs has five Triangle locations, including one less than 5 minutes from home. Brigs specializes in breakfast, which means (among other things) that they close at 2:30 PM. (If you don't close by 3, you're not a breakfast restaurant.) And, if you ask who serves the best breakfast in the Triangle, most locals will tell you, it's Brigs. So why have we never tried it before? Because of the prices: $6 for two pancakes, $6 for a waffle, and $8 for french toast. And those aren't combos, either; that's for only the pancakes/waffle/french toast. But then, during a raffle at the Carolina Classic two weeks prior, we won a $25 Brigs gift card. Hooray! Let's go to Brigs, finally!

After actually going there, I am now going to backtrack on my "Brigs is expensive" declaration somewhat. $6 for two pancakes and nothing else sounds like a lot, but not all pancakes are created equal. When you order two pancakes at a restaurant you're visiting for the first time, you never really know what you're going to get. Some places serve small-ish pancakes, some medium-sized pancakes, and some serve pancakes that fill up the entire freaking plate. Brigs is the latter.

That picture was taken after Amber had eaten a quarter of her serving. And yes, there is more pancake underneath all of that whipped cream. (Those are Amber's chocolate chip pancakes; I assume that regular pancakes are the same size and thickness.)

The pancakes are really thick, too - this is "two" pancakes:

So, two Brigs pancakes = three or four pancakes at other breakfast restaurants. Also, the $8 french toast order comes wih five slices, not the standard three or four most restaurants serve. Now the prices don't seem quite so bad. Knowing how big their servings are, I think I can actually justify getting the $8 two pancake combo or the $9 french toast half-order combo. (Combos come with two eggs and one side.) And while I almost always stick with pancakes or french toast when I go out for breakfast (plus eggs and/or sausage and/or grits), Brigs does have a more diverse menu than most breakfast places. For example, the "fried chicken & waffle" combo: "crispy chicken tenders and whipped butter atop our Traditional Belgian Waffle; served with two eggs; $7.99." I think I might have to try that.

So...here's the verdict on Brigs: 1) It surpassed my expectations, especially in terms of value. 2) We'll be back sooner or later, if nothing else so I can try the "fried chicken & waffle". 3) If they built a Waffle Shop next door, we'd still go to Waffle Shop instead. I don't think anything can possibly top Waffle Shop in my mind.


Chris Mildebrandt said...

But could it top Roscoe's chicken and waffles? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5qawlht-alU

Chris Allen said...

Ha...I have my doubts.