Friday, July 30, 2010

Alaska Trip Table of Contents

I know I've posted a ridiculous amount of content the last three weeks. I'm assuming that unless you're a teacher on summer vacation, you haven't had time to read through all of it. That's why I'm closing the Alaska trip recaps with a nice, neat "Table of Contents". This way, you can quickly see what you missed and catch up! Yay! (If you want to, of course. No pressure.) And even if you have read through everything already, this post does provide some new material: links to Amber's last two photo albums.

This will also be the last post I apply the "alaska" tag to. That means from now on, this will be the first thing to come up when you click the "alaska" label over there in the right column. So, this table of contents will always be just one click away, whether it's tomorrow or two years from now. How convenient!

With you go:

Amber's photo albums - They're posted on Facebook, but you can view them whether you do Facebook or not.

Amber photo album #1 - The drive from Durham to Dawson Creek, BC
Amber photo album #2 - British Columbia, Yukon, and Skagway, AK
Amber photo album #3 (new!) - Most of mainland Alaska, including Seward, Anchorage, and Denali National Park
Amber photo album #4 (new!) - Fairbanks, and the trip home

My excruciatingly detailed blog posts - In chronological order, which is the reverse order they now appear on the blog, of course.

Day 1: Durham to Dayton-ish - Every trip has to start somewhere.
Day 2: Dayton-ish to Minneapolis-ish - The world's largest truckstop, my first ever experience with tornado sirens, and some excellent cloud pictures.
Twin Cities Traffic - Minnesota has its stuff together when it comes to dealing with traffic.
Day 3: Minneapolis-ish to Regina - North Dakota and southeastern Saskatchewan. More interesting than it sounds.
Day 4: Regina to Grande Prairie - Pleasant Saskatoon, and the world's largest Ukrainian Easter Egg.
Day 5: Grande Prairie to Watson Lake - Lots of pictures from the first third of the Alaska Highway, and the Watson Lake Sign Post Forest.
Day 6: Watson Lake to Skagway - The first real "touristy" day of the trip, mostly spent in the Skagway area. Includes the White Pass & Yukon Route train ride.
Day 7: Skagway to Haines Junction - A ferry ride from Skagway to Haines, and a visit to Canada's Kluane National Park.
Day 8: Haines Junction to Seward - A 14-hour drive, part of which was along the most challenging part of the Alaska Highway. 16 pictures.
Day 9, Part 1: Kenai Fjords National Park - 17 pictures from the hike up - waaaay up - the Harding Icefield trail. (But not all the way up. Darn snow.) And, helpful advice on what to do if a bear attacks you.
Day 9, Part 2: Seward - A pleasant, small Alaskan town.
Day 10, Part 1: Seward Sea Kayaking - Lots of pictures for those of you who think water and mountains go well together.
Day 10, Part 2: The Seward Highway - Drivers in Alaska are crazy. And, a sort-of-related political discussion about the Alaskan attitude towards government.
Day 10, Part 3: Anchorage - A bike ride along Anchorage's Coastal Trail, a reindeer burger, and a grocery store discussion.
Day 11: Anchorage to Denali - A pretty uneventful day, but I still managed to write 600 words and post 5 relevant pictures about it.
Day 12: Denali National Park - The highlight of the trip. Lots of pictures of wildlife and mountains, including the mountain.
Day 13: Fairbanks - A brief trip to Chena Hot Springs, and some thoughts on Fairbanks local news.
4,300 Miles in Five Days - How did we manage to drive all the way from Fairbanks to Durham in five days, anyway?
Day 14: Fairbanks to Whitehorse - Really large (fake) mosquitoes, Kluane take two, and Canada's opinion of the World Cup,
Day 15: Whitehorse to Fort St. John - More pretty Alaska Highway pictures, and a story about helping a stranded motorist in the middle of nowhere, Yukon.
Passing Through Customs - Not one of my favorite pastimes, but a necessary part of travel to and from Canada.
Days 16-18: Fort St. John to Durham - Highlights include my fascination with Lloydminster, and the "Happy Rock".

More stats than you can shake a stick at

Alaska trip gas log - How much did we spend on gas throughout the trip, and where?
Fairbanks to Durham drive detail - contains drive times, distances, average speeds, and posted speed limits for 30 segments of the five-day drive home from Fairbanks.
By the Numbers - Lots of other useless stats. I'll keep the Alaska Trip Updates section up through the weekend, then By the Numbers will revert back to normal.

This was one of my favorite vacations ever, and is certainly the best of the four major vacations Amber and I have taken together (Nova Scotia, Ontario/Manitoba, and U.S. Highway 50 from end to end - those trips were lots of fun, too, but they can't top Alaska). So, forgive me if I'm promoting our Alaska trip too much. It'll be a while before we do anything like this again.

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