Friday, June 18, 2010

Sports Saturday: 6/19/10

I'm saving all of the Alaska trip preview stuff (6 more days!) for next week,'s a "bonus" Friday version of Sports Saturday!

Soccer - I've watched quite a bit of World Cup "action" (I use the term loosely) this week, and after a few matches, I came to a realization. You know, soccer is kind of boring to watch. Every now and then, it's good to be reminded of that fact, just so I'm not tempted to watch a lame MLS game or something. All I have to say is, thank goodness for the Univision announcers.

There's been a lot of buzz (pun intended) about those ever-present vuvuzelas. My take? The vuvuzelas are so unpopular (outside Africa) and so annoying, I think that actually makes them kind of cool. Yes, they have crossed the imaginary line between "just plain annoying" and "hilariously annoying". Blow away, I say!

Finally, if you're looking for my thoughts on today's USA v. Slovenia game (which I recorded and watched when I got home)...I don't like complaining about officiating, so I'm going to go a different route. Exciting game, hmm? It's not the USA's fault that soccer is boring. It's Europe's fault.

Sat 7:30a - Netherlands v. Japan, ESPN / Univision
Sat 10:00a - Ghana v. Australia, ESPN / Univision
Sat 2:30p - Cameroon v. Denmark, ABC / Univision
Sun 7:30a - Slovakia v. Paraguay, ESPN / Univision
Sun 10:00a - Italy v. New Zealand, ESPN / Univision
Sun 2:30p - Brazil v. Côte d'Ivoire (a.k.a. Ivory Coast), ABC / Univision

College baseball - The College World Series starts today. Florida State is in it, so that gives me a reason to watch. Let's go Noles!

Since this comes up every year an ACC team makes it to the College World Series, I think it's inevitable that during both the FSU and Clemson games, ESPN will mention - at least once - that the ACC has won the College World Series only once, ever (Wake Forest in the 1950s). It is also inevitable that ESPN will clarify that while Miami (FL) has won the CWS multiple times, all of its victories came before they joined the ACC. How many times will ESPN mention those facts this weekend? I really hope the ACC can win one of these so that ESPN can find something else to talk about during their broadcasts. Unfortunately, Florida State and Clemson aren't among the best teams in this year's field, so I don't like the ACC's chances. But on the other hand, didn't Fresno State win the College World Series recently? If they can do it, surely an ACC team can.

Sat 2:00p - TCU v. Florida State, ESPN
Sat 7:00p - Florida v. UCLA, ESPN
Sun 2:00p - Oklahoma v. South Carolina, ESPN
Sun 7:00p - Arizona State v. Clemson, ESPN

Auto racing - Here we go again...a "debris caution" comes out a few laps from the end of a NASCAR race, prompting the usual discussion of "was that caution flag for safety, or for entertainment"? I've gone through this before, so no need to do it again.

But that nonsense actually won't make me want to watch this week's races any less, because both Sprint Cup and Nationwide are on road courses this week. So, that's cool. I'll be rooting for Ron Fellows (Canadian) in Nationwide and Marcos Ambrose (Australian) in Sprint Cup. Yeah, Marcos Ambrose!

Sat 3:30p - NASCAR Nationwide at Road America, ESPN2
Sun 1:30p - IndyCar at Iowa, Versus
Sun 3:00p - NASCAR Sprint Cup at Infineon, TNT

MLB - So...I think it's time we - including me - dialed down the Stephen Strasburg hype a little bit. There are a lot of good pitchers in the major leagues. No need to go nuts every time one of them takes the mound. His debut was fun, but now he's just another good major league pitcher, so...meh.

Incidentally, he's also the only good major league pitcher the Nationals seem to have. The Nats lost their last five non-Strasburg games. That begs the soon before they can bring up this year's #1 draft pick?

Sat 1:00p - LA Angels at Chicago Cubs, WGN America
Sat 4:00p - LA Dodgers at Boston, FOX
Sat 8:30p - Baltimore at San Diego, MASN
Sun 1:00p - NY Mets at NY Yankees, TBS
Sun 1:30p - Chicago White Sox at Washington, MASN
Sun 2:00p - LA Angels at Chicago Cubs, WGN America
Sun 4:00p - Baltimore at San Diego, MASN2
Sun 8:00p - LA Dodgers at Boston, ESPN

Golf - Oh, right...the U.S. Open is this weekend, too. Might be an option if I need something to watch Sunday night. (Pebble Beach = West Coast = primetime finish in the East.)

Sat 4:30p - U.S. Open, NBC
Sun 3:00p - U.S. Open, NBC

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