Saturday, May 22, 2010

Sports Saturday: 5/22/10

I'm going to keep it short today, because I think we've reached that time of year. Summer is normally when I take a break from sports and do other things, like go to the beach, go camping, and take road trips. This summer, we have the World Cup, and that will be awesome. And the Stanley Cup Playoffs aren't over yet, but they are starting to lose my interest (see next item). But besides that, what else is there between now and football season? Not much. Baseball and NASCAR will be around all summer, but neither is all that interesting, June through August. I guess what I'm saying is, I don't think I'll be doing a "Sports Saturday" post every week all summer. (There won't be one next week, but that's because we'll be in Toledo for Memorial Day weekend.)

In today's issue: NHL, MLB, NASCAR.

NHL - Why are the Stanley Cup Playoffs starting to lose me a little? I think I'm just burned out on hockey. It's been going on for over seven months now. That, and I'm having trouble getting into either series. Chicago/San Jose is the more interesting series on paper (better teams), but most of the games are on too late, and I don't really care who wins. I do have a rooting interest in Philadelphia/Montréal (go Habs!), and those games are played on the early side, but there are a couple of factors working against that series in terms of keeping my interest. The fact that this is a #7 v. #8 matchup takes away the luster. At this stage of the playoffs, it feels like you should have the best of the best playing each other, and I don't really get that feeling watching this series. Also, watching a PHI/MTL game means listening to Versus play-by-play announcer Joe Beninati (a.k.a. nails on chalkboard) for two hours.

Fortunately, neither the Pacific Time Zone nor Joe Beninati will be a factor this weekend. Both of this weekend's games are on NBC (NBC = Mike "Doc" Emrick), and both start at 3:00 PM. Yay!

Sat 3:00p - Philadelphia at Montréal (Game 4, PHI 2-1), NBC
Sun 3:00p - San Jose at Chicago (Game 4, CHI 3-0 or 2-1*), NBC

(* - Haven't watched the third period of last night's game yet. But unlike last week, I did not have a dream last night telling me in advance how the game would turn out.)

MLB - The Washington Nationals had been doing pretty well, but one five game losing streak later, and I think reality has set in. This team isn't going to the playoffs. That's okay, though. But will I still give a crap about the Nats in August? That is the question. So far, I've been watching around 10 innings of Nationals baseball a week, on average. (I'm not actually keeping track of this; I just guessed. Given the kinds of things I do keep track of, I feel like I have to clarify anytime I estimate a number rather than explicitly calculate it.)

Since I won't have a Sports Saturday post next weekend, I'll also touch on this now: when #1 draft pick Stephen Strasburg makes his MLB debut with the Nationals (June 4th?), it will be must-see TV, at least for me. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if a national broadcaster - most likely MLB Network - picks up the game. That's how much hype there is surrounding Strasburg.

Also, I'll talk about this more in a separate post next week, but my interest in baseball goes up when I'm actively playing a baseball video game.

Sat 4:00p - Baltimore at Washington, MASN/MASN2
Sat 7:00p - NY Yankees at NY Mets, FOX (regional)
Sun 1:30p - Baltimore at Washington, MASN/MASN2
Sun 1:30p - Boston at Philadelphia, TBS
Sun 2:00p - Chicago Cubs at Texas, WGN America
Sun 8:00p - NY Yankees at NY Mets, ESPN

NASCAR - Not only is it "All-Star Weekend", but now, it's also "Hall of Fame" weekend! I'm not all that enthusiastic about it - I think Halls of Fame in sports are kind of overrated, and I generally don't care who's "in" or "out" - but I think it was smart to have the Hall of Fame induction ceremony be the same weekend as the All-Star race. (Of course, it was kind of a no-brainer, given that both the All-Star race and the Hall of Fame are in Charlotte.) At least, I'm assuming the plan is for inductions to take place on All-Star Sunday every year. The All-Star race never gets that much traction nationally (no pun intended) compared to other sports' All-Star events; maybe this will help.

The brand new NASCAR Hall of Fame is only 2½ hours away from home, so it's not a matter of "if", but "when". How long before I convince Amber to come with me? How many art museums will I have to go to first in order to balance it out? Actually...I want to wait until the crowds die down and more inductees and exhibits get added. It's not going anywhere, and this is probably the kind of thing you only need to go to once, so what's the rush? Maybe in two or three years.

Indianapolis 500 qualifying is also this weekend, but qualifying is boring, so...meh.

Sat 7:00p - NASCAR Sprint Cup All-Star Race (or whatever it's called), SPEED

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James Allen said...

I kind of lost respect in the NASCAR Hall of Fame when both Bill France Sr. AND Bill France Jr. made it in the first time around. Lame.