Friday, May 14, 2010

Mysteriously Disappeared

I don't know if I actually mentioned this or not, but we got new neighbors a few months ago - January, I think. (I know I said that the house next door was for sale, but I don't think I ever said it was sold. It didn't stay on the market for long, which I guess is a good thing.)

Well, either way...just like that, less than four months later, they're gone again. I think. Hard to tell, really. For about the last week or so, there have been no cars in the driveway (they normally have two or three, or at least one at any given time), and there have been no sign of the neighbors themselves. There is also a padlock on the front door. Hmm...are we bad neighbors or something? Seems kind of strange for them to move out so quickly. Maybe it wasn't their choice? If it wasn't for the complete disappearance of all three cars and the padlock on the door, we wouldn't think anything of it and just assume they went on vacation or something. this looks fishy. We may never know.

But one thing I do know is that they didn't fill out their U.S. Census forms. Booooo! I know this because we saw a Census worker at their house yesterday evening. Since the neighbors have mysteriously disappeared, the Census worker obviously had no idea what to do. (This was his second attempt.) So, we helped him out. We told him how many people lived there, and we know for a fact that they were there on April 1st (which is the criteria). So, in a way, Amber and I have filled out two Census forms now. Go us! (By the way, the Census worker also said he saw something resembling a moving truck on his first attempt - more "evidence" that our neighbors may be gone for good.)

But in any event, the house next door may or may not be on the market in the near future, in case anyone out there is interested in buying a house next to some really awesome neighbors.


Adam said...

Sounds like they were foreclosed.

Chris Allen said...

You're probably right. Just seems odd to me that someone would buy a house if they might not be able to make the first few payments. I know things happen, and this may have been completely out of their control, but still. Oh well...we don't know for sure that's what happened, and even so, it's not my place to judge.