Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Mysteriously Disappeared: Update

I have a little more information about those neighbors of ours who "mysteriously disappeared" last week. There is now a "For Rent" sign in front of the house: (I blacked out the phone number for security and privacy reasons.)

There is also an orange notice on the inside of one of the front windows. I didn't feel comfortable taking a picture of it, but it basically says, "This property was padlocked by the Durham County Sheriff's Office. If you want your property back, contact your landlord."

Put these two things together, and I think it means a couple of things. Our neighbors didn't buy the house; they were only renting it. And, they probably couldn't pay the rent. Previously, I was dumbfounded as to why someone would buy a house if there was any chance at all they couldn't make the first four payments on it. What were they thinking buying the house in the first place? Indeed, all evidence suggests that they didn't buy it, in fact. Now everything makes a little more sense. Personally, I think all this was bad karma brought on by them not mailing back their Census forms.

So...this means we'll probably get some new neighbors soon, and once again, they will probably be short-term neighbors. I'd rather someone buy the house and have long-term next door neighbors than have the house next door basically be a revolving door of people who either plan on leaving in a year or so, or will as soon as they can qualify for a mortgage.

Actually, I shouldn't talk too much more about this. Who's to say this can't happen to us? How can Amber and I know for sure that 10 years from now, we won't be in a similar financial position as our former neighbors now find themselves in? Things happen, and you just never know.


amber said...

Heck, if I'd had that blood clot when I was between jobs and didn't have health insurance we just might have gotten started down that path. I'd like to think our neighbors just had a string of bad luck rather than a string of irresponsibility, but that's just me being me :)

allen_t said...

Don't worry, Daddy will never let you starve.

Spartangoogle said...

Neither will Mommy, even though she didn't just get $15K.