Monday, May 17, 2010

'Bike-To-Work' Week

Apparently, it's "Bike-to-Work" week this week. Woohoo, I guess!

I'd actually have no idea that this was "Bike-to-Work" week if not for the fact that Amber's employer is encouraging participation. I knew about the SmartCommute Challenge, but that just ended last week, and it was only a local thing anyway. "Bike-to-Work" week is more of a national thing, but it's up to local groups to promote it, which is why you probably had no idea, either.

But in any event, Amber's company is encouraging its employees to participate this week, either by actually biking to work, or carpooling, or riding the bus, or some such thing. They're actually keeping track of how much they save in terms of gas or carbon emissions or something. So, really, it's more "SmartCommute Challenge" than "Bike to Work", but still, Amber is going to try riding her bike to work this week. She's excited about it, too. We gave the route a test ride over the weekend (8.5 miles, 40-45 minutes each way), and it's all systems go, at least when the weather cooperates. (Today was a washout, and tomorrow doesn't look good, either.)

I'm going to ride bike to work two or three times this week as well, but I'm already a "bike to work" veteran. My ride is much shorter and easier than Amber's (3.5 miles, 15-20 minutes each way). Over the last 11 months, I've commuted to work via bicycle 31 times. (Yes, I've been counting. Hopefully you're not surprised by this.) Biking to work this time of year (when sunrise is 7:00 AM or earlier) is nice because I don't get home that much later than I would if I drove, and when I do get home, I've already gotten my exercise in!

I try to bike commute once a week, but it doesn't always work out that way. I have a variety of excuses. "It's too cold!" "It's too humid!" "Sunrise isn't for another 30 minutes!" "There's a 20% chance of rain today!" But really, the reason I don't ride in more often than I do is because most mornings, I don't feel like it. I have a hard enough time just getting out of bed some mornings, the last thing I want is to have to huff and puff just to get to work. But this week will be different. If Amber is riding to work, then I won't have an excuse.

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