Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"24": Final Thoughts

***SPOILER ALERT*** for "24". You know the drill.

The series finale of "24" wasn't anywhere near as hyped - or as interesting - as the series finale of "Lost". That means I don't have anywhere near as much to say about it. I'd say we pretty much got what we expected out of the finale. Jack lives, but is "on the run" (called it); the Russian and Charles Logan conspirators eventually got justice served one way or another (although it took longer than I thought); and...that's it. Except for that damn movie, of course, which apparently is going to be set in Europe. So if you're wondering where Jack goes after the clock struck 00:00:00, there's your answer. I can't say it I was disappointed in the finale; it was exactly what I expected. Other than Jack's fate, nothing interesting ever really happens at the end, because the good guys always come out on top at the end of the season. Season finales in "24" have always kind of been foregone conclusions.

I thought it was neat to have the clock count down to 00:00:00 at the end rather than count up to 04:00:00, though. Aside from that, and the ending cinematography (closing on Jack's face, and having the image fizzle out), I'm still not sure they knew this would be the series finale when it was filmed. The ending effects can be edited to give it a series ending effect, but the first 115 minutes of the episode seemed no different than any other "24" season finale. It did seem like an arbitrary place to stop. Closure? Nope. Then again, this is how most television series end, so I guess I can't complain. I also think Jack would have been given a better series-ending fate if it weren't for that damn movie coming up. Or, maybe they would have just killed him off completely. I think Jack himself would have considered that a "happy ending", don't you?

By the way, despite all of the hype that the "Lost" finale got, it really didn't do all that well in the ratings: 13.5 million viewers. To put that in perspective, that's a similar number to the series finales of "JAG" and "The King of Queens". I'm assuming neither the "JAG" nor "King of Queens" finale was promoted by CBS as the "television event of the decade". Think that maybe ABC oversold this a little bit? That's the thing with a serial drama, though: you can't just pick up the series at the end and know what's going on, so the finale isn't going to pull a very big rating. Meanwhile, I haven't seen numbers for the "24" finale yet, but I'm expecting something in the 9 to 10 million range. (UPDATE 5/26/10: The "24" finale had 8.85 million viewers. source)

Alright...and with that, this is the last time I will ever mention "Lost" or "24" in this blog ever again. It's time to find some new shows to obsess over. Any suggestions? My general rules are: no medical dramas, no crime dramas, no courtroom dramas, no "chick shows" (includes "Glee" and "Desperate Housewives" - no offense to any guys who watch either show), no reality shows, and nothing with too much sci-fi ("Lost" is just enough sci-fi; "Fringe" is a little too much for our taste). Yes, I realize I just eliminated most of network television.


James Allen said...

I thought of two shows that fit your criteria:
Lost and 24.

amber said...

Mythbusters... Top Gear... all the ones I can think of we already watch. I think Leverage comes back this summer. Yay for me! You're welcome to join me :)

allen_t said...

Burn Notice on USA can be entertaining.

James Allen said...

You can try this for inspiration: