Friday, April 30, 2010

State College Road Trip #19

Time to hit the road again! And just like our last road trip, we're heading to State College, PA for a wedding. Yes, that is exactly the same reason we made our last road trip. But there are several differences between this trip and the last trip.

For one, let's talk about the wedding itself. This time, the bride and groom are Kerrie (Penn State meteorology graduate) and Dan (don't know him all that well, but apparently, he studies bugs). The ceremony will be at the same place as the last wedding, on the Penn State campus, in the same exact building. This wedding is expected to be much smaller in scope, however. This won't be the massive Penn State meteorology graduate reunion that the Vic/Lindsay wedding of six weeks ago was; this wedding will feature a much smaller guest list. I guess what I'm saying is that if you weren't invited to this one, don't take it personally. If not for Amber (she's good friends with Kerrie), I'm pretty sure I would not have received an invite.

This wedding is also a morning wedding: 10:30 AM start. I didn't know people still had morning weddings! I don't know if this was their first choice or not. We can always ask them, but I'm going to speculate that because their wedding plans only started rolling a few months ago, they did not get first choice of time. I'm guessing that Penn State's Eisenhower Chapel is a high demand wedding location, especially in the spring.

But the 10:30 AM start does mean a couple of things. One, we're spending Friday night in State College rather than Brookville. Two, we're heading back to Durham immediately after the reception (my estimate is back in Durham by 1:00 AM Sunday morning). Or, if we don't feel like going all the way back home, we'll get a hotel somewhere in Virginia. What's the rush? Well, not only do we have curling on Sunday afternoon, but we've been very busy the last few weeks. Amber has been especially busy, working frenzied 50-hour weeks, going to places like Green Bay, not to mention all of those kickball and curling commitments that I keep signing us up for. We are in need of some relaxed time at home, and coming back home Saturday night will give us at least a little of that. Any other weekend, we may have stuck around to socialize Saturday night, or maybe taken the scenic route back in order to pick up some new counties in Virginia or West Virginia, but not this weekend. We were just there six weeks ago, after all. (Speaking of which...if you're planning a wedding and intend on inviting Amber and me, could you please have the wedding somewhere other than State College? You know, for variety's sake? Did I just uninvite myself by asking?)

So, this will be a very quick State College trip. We'll be back in Durham less than 36 hours after we leave. This is also our last planned road trip to State College. When will we be back? Who knows? For all I know, this could be the last State College trip ever. I doubt it, but it's possible.

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Nick said...

I think that was the same time as our wedding. We got married outside in Charleston May 22, so we were worried it would get too hot later in the day.