Thursday, April 01, 2010


First off, since today is April 1st and all, I feel compelled to state the following. While you can't trust everything that gets published on the internet on April Fools Day, you can trust that the contents of this blog post are 100% true.

As you may know, I have a lot of hats. Most of my hats are for various college sports teams, and most of them were purchased for $5 at truck stops across the country.

I've gone through my list of hats before, but that was over two years ago, and I didn't provide any pictures. Let's improve on that, shall we?

Starting back left, and working left to right: Arkansas, West Virginia, Michigan State, Oregon, Duke, Colby-Sawyer (gift from Jon Petters, as the hat bears the initials of my employer), Utah (souvenir from a 2004 vacation), California, Washington, Bowling Green (gift from Amber's parents, I think), Nevada, Jacksonville Jaguars (gift from my parents, I think), Georgia, Notre Dame (originally purchased to help my first meeting with Amber's dad, a Notre Dame fan, go a little more smoothly), Memphis, Virginia Tech (one of the first cheap college hats I purchased, and probably the one I've worn the most over the last seven years), Carolina Classic Bonspiel, Mississippi State, Southern Miss, Clemson, Penn State, older Penn State, Florida State, older Florida State, redneck deer hunting hat (wedding gift from someone in Amber's family?), Arizona, Piggly Wiggly, Wake Forest, Florida Marlins (purchased after they won the 2003 World Series), Carolina Hurricanes (received at "free hat night" at a Hurricanes game in Greensboro - yes, I said Greensboro), Big Ten Football (gift from family a long time ago), Texas A&M, Oregon State (gift from Jason Clifford - I wore an Oregon hat the day after they beat Oregon State in football, and being an Oregon State fan he didn't like that), Tennessee, Vanderbilt, Northwestern, Nebraska, Auburn, Finland (souvenir from my parents' Baltic Sea cruise), Oklahoma, Boise State, Canada, Ohio, and NC State.

That's 44 hats. Why so many? Well, why not?


amber said...

Yeah, this never would have worked without that ND hat. My dad's a pretty scary guy...

amber said...

Oh, and yes on the BG hat as a gift from my folks. Same for the redneck hat (they came with those AWESOME lights that we scared everyone with at Navy Bistro..)

Spartangoogle said...

Looks like Rolo was sniffing out a Final Four winner. Sorry Rolo - I'm disappointed too.