Monday, April 26, 2010

Amber Goes to Green Bay

Fresh off her week long trip to India, Amber is traveling once again - this time to the far less exotic locale of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Again, this is for work, for something called the AgSTAR National Conference. The AgSTAR program "encourages the use of methane recovery technologies at confined animal feeding operations that manage manure as liquids or slurries." Yum! (Here is the science behind it, for those interested.)

Amber left this morning and returns Wednesday evening, hopefully in time for our 9:00 PM kickball game. Green Bay isn't all that noteworthy, but I normally publish all of Amber's work travels here, so why stop now?


Adam said...

I was to have travelled to Green Bay at least three times for work, but each time the trip was postponed. Then we sold the wisconsin counties yet for me.

Cullen Carter said...

Wisconsin can be an excellent place for cycling. I live, just south of Green Bay, in Appleton. Appleton has just added some bike paths to many of their roads. They also have many trail outside the roads.