Friday, March 19, 2010

State College Road Trip #18

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It's road trip time! Today, we're driving up to Brookville, PA to see cousin Molly/husband Jarrett/baby Nora, then the next day we're going from there to State College for Vic and Lindsay's wedding. (Normally, I try to keep the name dropping to a minimum here, but my guess is that Allen family + Penn State Meteorology grads = half of my blog readership, so the names do mean something to at least some of you.) We haven't met Nora (born 11/23/09), and the wedding will be sort of a Penn State Meteorology reunion of sorts. And, the weather looks great. Should be a fun weekend!

The number in the blog post title isn't made up: this is, in fact, my 18th trip back to State College since graduating from Penn State in May 2006. I was going to go back and count, but apparently I already did that last time we were there. Our 19th trip to State College will come six weeks later for another wedding...then, who knows?

Now...let's talk geeky road trip stats. (You can stop reading at this point if you don't care about this sort of thing.) I've long taken care of all the conveniently located counties between here and there, so I won't visit any new counties on this trip. I will, however, add to my interstates driven record by completing I-99. The only section of I-99 I'm currently missing is from Exit 69 (Atherton St west of State College) to Exit 73 (the US-322 split north of State College). I drove this segment many times when I lived in State College, but it was not officially designated as Interstate 99 until well after I left. I have been back to State College since I-99 was extended all the way north to I-80, but last time we were there, we missed the State College segment. So in order to officially "clinch" I-99, I need to redo those four miles. Well, we'll certainly take care of that! ("Clinch" is the word other road geeks use to talk about roads they've traveled. If you drive an interstate from end to end, you've "clinched" that interstate. No, I am not the only person who keeps track of this sort of thing. Yes, I do plan on adding my stats to that website.)

I might be one of a select few who keeps track of where our cars happen to be at every 1,000th mile, though. And on that front, I'm a little disappointed in the variety we've been getting on that log lately. 14 of Amber's last 17 milestones have all been in North Carolina, and 13 of those have been in between Raleigh and Durham. Booooooring! I don't feel that's representative of the places we've been taking her car. I can guarantee that more than 4,000 of the car's last 17,000 miles have been out of town, and yet, these milestones always seem to happen in stupid Wake County (or Durham County). Continuing the trend, Amber just reached 41,000 miles yesterday. Ugh...this always seems to happen. Rather than reach a milestone somewhere far away from home in the middle of our trip, instead we get one at home right before we leave, followed by another one close to home on our way back, with nothing in between. Boo. At least this won't be a problem when we go to Alaska.

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