Wednesday, March 17, 2010


We are fortunate to live in a country with seasons, and with varied, interesting weather. It makes me wonder how much interest there is in meteorology in a place like Ecuador, where the weather never changes, and there are no major snowstorms or tropical systems to speak of.

But, anyway...let's do a quick recap of the Chris Allen history of weather preference. When I lived in Florida, my favorite season was always winter. It never got too cold for me in Florida, so I wanted all the cold weather I could get. During my brief stay in Pennsylvania, I definitely got all the cold weather I wanted, so my favorite season was summer. In North Carolina, took me a while to figure this out definitively, but now I know that the best time to be in North Carolina, weather-wise, is early March through mid-May. Thus, spring is now my favorite season. (Yes, I know spring hasn't officially started yet, but meteorologically speaking, March is more of a "spring" month than a "winter" month.) Now is the best time of the year to be outside in North Carolina. (In other words, it's hammock season.)

Now, fall is nice too, and fall is Amber's favorite season. But spring is less humid, less buggy, and the weather is more varied. You can get snow one week and a high of 80°F the next. That probably drives some people nuts, but as a weather weenie, I like that sort of thing. Maybe I should move to Kansas City! Do they have lots of bugs there?

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Jeff said...

There are lots of bugs in the Midwest, but not until after the last freeze.