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Random Thoughts on 'Lost' and '24': 3/11/10

It's been four weeks since the last one, you go.
The "Lost" section contains SPOILERS (up through this week's episode), but the "24" section actually contains no spoilers at all. (Well, just this one spoiler: JACK BAUER IS STILL ALIVE. Shocking!)


So, anyway...I have some more theories to discuss. That's what makes this show so fun! (Well, one thing.) It's almost like solving a puzzle at this point, and because of the show's outstanding continuity, I actually feel like there is a puzzle to solve, as opposed to some other shows where most things don't make any sense. (I'm looking at you, "Fringe".)

First off...I've alluded to this before, but I'm pretty confident that from the 815 plane crash until the 316 plane crash, the Man In Black (when not in smoke form) took the form of Christian Shephard. Then, after 316 crashed, MIB "switched" to John Locke (however that's supposed to work) in order to complete his agenda. His overall agenda - finding the loophole to kill Jacob - first involved Locke dying, which to accomplish that, meant telling Locke to "move the island", that Locke and Locke only had to be the one to move the island, and telling the real Locke (by way of Richard Alpert during the real Locke's time traveling) that he "had to die". Somehow, MIB knew that Locke's dead body would be returned to the island. Not really sure how, or if Eloise Hawking was somehow in on it (she was the one who said they had to put Locke's dead body on the plane), and I'm also not sure what MIB wants from Claire (he must want something from her, since "Christian Shephard" essentially kidnapped her)...but either way, I'm pretty sure that Christian Shephard on the island = Man In Black / smoke monster.

Another quick Man In Black theory. In the alternate, "sideways flash" timeline, as flight 815 flies over the island's now-underwater location, Desmond appears briefly on the plane. Then, he disappears. Here's my theory on that: in the original timeline, Desmond's sailing adventure goes wrong and he finds refuge on the island. In the alternate, "sideways flash" timeline, the island is underwater, so the island isn't there to save Desmond. Instead, he dies, allowing MIB to "switch" to Desmond's form (however that's supposed to work). So, what I'm saying is that Desmond's brief appearance on the sideways-flash Flight 815 was really the Man In Black. Kind of a stretch, but...maybe? (Speaking of Desmond, the actor who plays him is listed as one of the stars of the season, so we're going to see more of him. Just not sure when, or where, or in what context.)

This goes on my other working theory that the sideways flash is what will happen after the series "ends" - as in, at the very end, time gets reset or something. In this alternate timeline, Hurley is the luckiest man in the world. Is this his reward for saving the world (or something) in the original timeline? We shall see. I wouldn't mind if at the end of the day, Hurley ended up being the hero.

Alright, so, the reason I'm talking theories is because the show really isn't moving along all that quickly. Just one or two things happens per episode. But, that's always been the case mid-season with "Lost". The lines are being drawn, people are taking sides, everybody is getting "in position", a third party is entering the picture (Widmore), and it's all apparently building towards the super duper conclusion. Woohoo!

It really seems like in the timeline of the show, that we're only, say, four or five days from "the end". Are we going to just keep plodding along for the next few episodes, or are we going to have a major plot development in the next few weeks? Hmm...

Finally, about the "Candidates" case you didn't make out all the names from the cave and the lighthouse dial, here is a list of all known Candidate names. Pretty interesting, for what it's worth, and if you think the writers really intended on keeping continuity with the entire list. Now after this week's episode, we know that all these people can't kill themselves. Yay! Yes, Michael from Seasons 1-4 was apparently a Candidate, too. That explains that. What I'm not sure about, however, is if that was the plan the whole time with respect to Michael. Did the writers plan that much detail, that far ahead? "Well, two seasons from now, we're going to have this whole deal with 'Candidates', therefore, Michael isn't allowed to kill himself." Side note - if I understand the rules as I think I do, the Man In Black isn't allowed to kill any candidates, either, according to "the rules". So why was it so important to "protect" the Candidates when the smoke monster went on his Temple rampage if the MIB couldn't kill them anyway? That I don't quite understand.


No spoilers here, which implies that I'm not actually going to talk about the plot. Why not? Because, I don't really care about the plot anymore. Whatever. It's really not all that interesting.

Alright...full disclosure. Another reason I'm not discussing the plot is to hide the fact that I am two weeks behind on my DVR viewing of the show, thanks to the Olympics, and Amber's India trip. "But Chris! Why are you current on 'Lost' but not '24'?" That's easy - because "Lost" is about 50 times more interesting than "24" this season. Like I said, the plot isn't that interesting, and I don't really care what happens. By now, I've figured out the show's formula. Given the constraints of the show's format, there's only so much you can do. And this season is pretty much just more of the same. It also doesn't help that the characters aren't particularly likeable. Jack and Chloe are pretty much the only characters I don't want to die. Kill them all!

So, why keep watching? Two reasons: 1) Jack Bauer, and 2) because this will almost definitely be the last season of the series. Might as well see it through to the end. But since there are plans for a "24" movie or two, as I've said before, don't expect a super duper, ultra dramatic season finale. I don't expect this season finale to be really any different than any other season finale. Any remaining terrorist threats will be thwarted, and Jack will probably be on his way to Los Angeles to be with his family, or something. I don't expect anything interesting to happen at the "end".

That said...I still enjoy watching the creative ways in which Jack Bauer can dispose of various bad guys. I think that's where the show's writers are putting forth most of their creative juices. In what manner will Jack make his next kill? Tune in next week and find out!

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James Allen said...

Candidates can't kill themselves, but they can kill each other (Ben killing Locke, etc)...maybe accidentally in the Temple during the height of confusion?