Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Bob Evans Gift Cards

Apparently, word got out before Christmas that we like going to Bob Evans, because we ended up receiving $110 in Bob Evans gift cards from three different people for Christmas. Apparently, Bob Evans is the new Best Buy.

But that was over three months ago, so when we went to Bob Evans last week, I assumed that the gift card I pulled out of my wallet and gave to the cashier was the last one. I then paid the remainder of the bill with cash...only to find yet another Bob Evans gift card, still with $25 on it, in my wallet after the fact. D'oh! Oh well...it'll get used eventually. And if I get more Bob Evans gift cards for my birthday next week, those will get used, too...eventually. Maybe what I should have done was consolidate the balances among the three gift cards onto a single gift card. They can do that, right?

In any event, just to fill out this post, let's take advantage of that huge spreadsheet I have and talk stats.
- That was our fourth post-Christmas trip to Bob Evans, in four different cities (Jacksonville; Delaware, OH; Durham, and Cary).
- I've been to Bob Evans 23 times in the last four years, spread out among 8 locations: Cary (13), Durham (3), Delaware, OH (2); and one each in Rio Grande, OH; Beckley, WV; Ripley, WV; Waldorf, MD; and Jacksonville, FL.
- Since June 2004, I have been to Bob Evans more often than I have any other restaurant (not counting fast food), once more than Waffle Shop (of State College and Bellefonte, PA - 22 visits).
- The fastest ever Bob Evans serving time (completed order until food reception) is 6 minutes, 15 seconds, at the Cary location. The slowest ever Bob Evans time was 23 minutes, 50 seconds. This was in Durham, and resulted in a manager's apology and a 20% discount. The average Bob Evans serving time is 13 minutes, 29 seconds. Bob Evans has been under 10 minutes four times, and over 20 minutes twice.
- Of the 23 Bob Evans trips, 21 have been for dinner; two for breakfast. The average serving time for the two breakfasts (13:35) is about the same as for the 21 dinners (13:28).
- Of the 23 Bob Evans trips, 13 were just Amber and me. The average serving time for the "parties of two" is 12:17; the average serving time for the remaining 10 trips is 15:03.

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