Thursday, March 25, 2010

Active Lifestyle With Strawberries

The other day, it was time for breakfast, so I reached into the cupboard for my box of something called "Active Lifestyle". ("Active Lifestyle" is Kroger-brand Special K.) Then, right before I was about to pour myself a bowl, I caught a glance of the picture on the front of the box, and noticed something was wrong: THERE ARE STRAWBERRIES IN MY CEREAL. What the hell? Did I get "Active Lifestyle With Strawberries" by mistake at the store last week? Dammit!

Actually, my plain version of Active Lifestyle was hidden in the back of the cupboard. Amber must have put the strawberries version in our shopping cart while I wasn't looking last week, and I never even noticed, at least not until I almost poured myself a bowl by mistake. While disaster was averted in this instance, this brings up an important issue. Two important issues, actually. For one, why doesn't Kroger do a better job of distinguishing its normal "Active Lifestyle" box with its "Active Lifestyle With Strawberries" box? There are many varieties of Special K, but each one is a slightly different color. For example, a box of Special K With Strawberries has a light pink tint to it. Active Lifestyle, on the other hand...both the plain box and the strawberries version come in almost the same exact green box. Come on, Kroger! Surely, you don't want your customers to get the wrong one by mistake, right?

But besides that, there's the issue of why this "strawberries" version even exists. The idea of strawberries in cereal, fake or not, seems strange to me. Who wants that? Fruit doesn't belong in cereal! Fruit flavor, yes, but not actual fruit. It's too dramatic a shift in texture, and on top of that, it's just weird. I like my cereal fruit-free, thank you.

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Twisted Mind said...

I had a real hard time with the strawberries in my cereal as well. I actually love the stuff now lol. The taste sort of grew on me I suppose.