Monday, December 08, 2008

Curling Recap: 12/5/08

End............ 12345678 |TTL
Their team..... 04321000 | 10
Our team....... 10000111 | 04

This was the last game of the "regular season", and it didn't go so well. After starting out 3-1, we've now lost our last four, so we'll be in the 7th-place game next week. (The league has 10 teams.) But hey, that's better than being in the 9th-place game, which I believe is taking place in a nearby bar.

Here's a fun stat. Since we've gotten married, Amber and I have yet to win a game together, going 0-4. Uh oh...

Actually, let me attribute our streaks to a couple of things. Two of our three wins were against the eventual 9th and 10th place teams, which we played during the first half of the season. During the losing streak, two of the games were against teams that had two skip-caliber players, due to normal team members (usually the lead or second, or both) being unavailable. Let's face it - replacing an inexperienced lead with an experienced skip makes your team a lot better. The third loss was when I was the skip, and it was against the eventual 2nd-place team. In the fourth loss, we lost by two after leading with two ends to play. So we haven't been playing that poorly, really. And, my all-time record is still 10 games over .500. And unlike in hockey, .500 actually means .500.

In other Triangle Curling Club news (I've slacked off on getting the name of the club in these posts), the club just purchased some used curling stones from a now-defunct club near Ottawa. Yes, the stones are used, but they're a substantial improvement over some of the mix-and-match stones we've been using. After all, that's how the pecking order of curling stones goes: Canada, then North Carolina. And given the current US -> CAN exchange rate, now is the time to buy Canadian curling stones! As for the old stones, I think the club is going to sell them to whoever would like to decorate their living room with a curling stone or two. Hmm...

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