Monday, September 15, 2008

Curling Recap: 9/12/08

It's Triangle Curling Club Fall League time! Hooray! And due to a massive influx of new curlers, we have 10 full four-person teams in the league, and Amber and I have been upgraded from second/lead to vice/second, respectively. After winning the league championship last spring, I guess we deserved a promotion? I'm the least-experienced vice in the league by far, so my confidence isn't exactly high for this season. But I'm only 1/4 of the team, and we got off to a good start:

End............ 12345678 |TTL
Our team....... 00111111 | 06
Their team..... 31000000 | 04

I'm pretty sure that's the first time I've ever won a match without scoring more than one point in any end. I guess it's like winning a football game without scoring a touchdown.

As previously documented, during a typical club match, the rocks start off slow, and then progressively speed up. The reason for this is because the rocks don't get onto the ice until a few minutes before we begin play, so the rocks don't have a chance to reach ice temperature before play starts. And the warmer the rock, the harder you have to throw it. As also previously documented, I'm more comfortable with faster rocks, which may contribute to these slow starts.

Am I a "second-half curler"? Actually, since I've been recording all of these box scores, let's find out! I added up the numbers from my last 15 games to get these end-by-end statistics:

1st end: Score 6-19; Ends won 5-10
2nd end: Score 5-16; Ends won 5-10
3rd end: Score 16-10; Ends won 10-5
4th end: Score 22-12; Ends won 9-6
5th end: Score 24-4; Ends won 12-3
6th end: Score 17-12; Ends won 7-8
7th end: Score 9-12; Ends won 7-8
8th end: Score 13-11; Ends won 8-4 *
(* - 3 of 15 games did not have an 8th end)

Based on those numbers, I wouldn't say I'm a second-half curler; more like a middle-game curler. The first two ends are brutal, but then we start to figure it out. By the 5th end, we're rolling. Then by the 7th end, things tend to even out. Disclaimer: most of those 15 games were with the same team, so those numbers probably have as much to do (if not more so) to do with my teammates as they do with me. But we'll see how it goes this season, because Amber and I are on a completely different team this time around.

Finally, I'm not sure if I'll be able to do the shot diagrams this season as I've been doing up to this point. As the vice, I have to concentrate on every shot, and can't observe quite as much and try to memorize situations and bounces as they happen. Maybe I should just bring a camera.

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