Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Restaurant Serving Times: Now Online!

By popular demand, and through the magic of Google Docs & Spreadsheets, I am now publishing my records of restaurant serving times, which goes back through June 2004. (I started the "competiton" 10 years prior to that, but only in 2004 did I start the spreadsheet.) You can find the link in the right column, along with all of the other statistical links.

Now, to specify the general rules in one nice, neat little package: (I've discussed the rules before, but I'm going to make it clearer and more concise this time.

When I go to a sit-down restaurant, I time how long it takes for my food to be served. I start the timer as soon as I finish making my order (only my order, not the entire party's order; defined as when the waiter/waitress finishes writing it down). Then, I stop the timer as soon as I receive the main course (defined as when the plate hits the table).

Only traditional sit-down restaurants are eligible. Basically, for a restaurant to be eligible, the waiter has to take your order while you're seated at a separate booth or table. Then, the waiter has to bring the food to you. If you give your order upon walking into the restaurant (fast food, Golden Corral, etc), the restaurant is ineligible. The restaurant is also ineligible if they cook the food directly in front of you (e.g. Waffle House).

So, by viewing the spreadsheet, you can see every sit-down restaurant I've visited in the last 3½ years. The spreadsheet is sorted by date, with the most recent restaurants first; that way, you don't have to scroll down to the bottom to see the most recent updates. Unfortunately, Google Docs won't let the public viewer sort by any of the other columns (e.g. restaurant name, time, location); only I can do that from the edit screen. Oh well.

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Jeff said...

Golden Corral should also be ineligible because what they serve cannot technically be called "food."