Monday, July 16, 2007

"Where's Dopey?"

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If you get bored today (or any other time, I suppose), here's a fun activity to keep you occupied.

Try to count the number of times Dopey (of the Seven Dwarfs) appears in my parents' vacation photos (albums rockies1, rockies2, rockies3) from their recent trip to the Canadian Rockies. Sure, it sounds easy...but there are a lot of pictures. And I mean, a lot of pictures. Unfortunately, I don't know the correct answer (I don't think anyone knows for sure), so it's kind of for naught, but oh well.

Why do my parents put a Dopey puppet in some of their vacation photos? Well, I think the answer to that question is obvious: Why not?

(This was a short post, but I think that in order to keep six posts/week, I'm going to have to keep some of the posts on the short side.)

Last Year: "Triangle Curling Club". My first post about curling, upon discovering the existence of the TCC, of which Amber and I are now members. Regarding random thought #2, I am now at the point where I can order my shopping lists according to where the items are located in Kroger. Random thought #3 (about colorblindness) garnered quite a bit of discussion in the comments section. That's another topic that could have been its own post, I suppose. Back then, I think I actually put more effort into the random thoughts than the posts themselves.

Tomorrow: "Curling Recap #2". Amber and I are back on the ice once again!

Today's random thought:

- Remember this post from April 14th? I knew the second disc tournament would take a while to complete, but I think it's kind of died. When I play disc golf now, I'd rather play for my own personal glory (and often at a different course each time) than plod along with the tournament. And when I do progress the tournament, I can only play one round per visit to the hot weather. But the tournament's been dormant altogether since May 26th, and there are still 6 matches remaining, so I'm calling the rest of the tournament off. Everyone's a winner!

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