Monday, July 23, 2007

"Raleigh Radio Update"

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Because I had to write this post before the weekend, and because I couldn't think of anything else to write about, here's the current status of my "radio station rotation":

FM-1) 88.1 (WKNC, the NC State radio station). I've talked about this station a bunch in my random thoughts, but it's excellent. During daylight hours on weekdays, they play indie rock type of stuff that you don't hear on a station like 96.1. And unlike on pretty much any other radio station, I can go a week and not hear the same song twice, even if I listen to the station for a few hours at work each day. (Which, I do online, since my work radio can't pick it up. The signal doesn't reach Durham County very well, despite their strong signal.) And, their commercial breaks are short. 88.1 is also the station my alarm clock is currently set on. While it's good during the workday hours, it's hit-or-miss other times, because the overnight and weekend time slots usually have specialty shows that I may not care for. (For example, they usually play hardcore rap from midnight to 500a. Which, I'm never awake during those hours, so who cares?)

FM-2) 96.1 (96 Rock, "Everything that rocks!"). 88.1 has replaced this station in the top spot of the rotation, because it's getting too repetitive. (As will any station if you listen to it long enough, especially one like 96 Rock that rarely plays a new song.) But they do have something that 88.1 will probably never have: Brian LeBlanc with traffic. This station gets played when 88.1 is in commercial, and on weekends.

FM-3) 106.9 (Oldies 106.9, "Fayetteville!"). Goldy in the morning used to be how I drove to work every day. But then inexplicably, after I returned from Spring Break, their signal wouldn't come in well enough on my work commute to listen to them for more than a couple of minutes. So this station is more of a novelty now than anything else, because I can only rarely listen to it. But it's still on my presets for those occasions when I drive south.

FM-4) 105.5 (Oldies 105.5, "Sanford, Siler City, Southern Pines, Pinehurst!"). Another oldies station that doesn't come in very well in Raleigh (Cary), but at least it comes in better than 106.9. These stations down here only get airtime at the "last resort" (other stations are in commercial, out of range, or playing music I don't like). Strangely, Wikipedia doesn't even recognize this station's existence.

FM-5) 101.1 (News/Talk). I don't think I've talked about this station any. This is a news/talk station based in Burlington that I found by accident, and kept on my presets because of a couple of semi-interesting shows that provide a nice change-of-pace for when I need to make it all the way to preset #5. On weekends, they play "smooth jazz" or something. I think a better description is "Weather Channel Local Forecast music".

FM-6) 102.9 (Y102.9, "Carolina's Greatest Hits"). The closest thing Raleigh (Cary) has to an oldies station has fallen almost all the way out of my rotation, because they seemed to be playing stuff that isn't old enough to be "oldies". They always have, but the proportion has been higher lately. Then again, the few occasions I have listened to them lately, they have been playing more oldies, so good for them. And I have no idea if Robert Hill is still their morning traffic guy. Quite frankly, I don't want to know. But no matter what music this station plays, as long as they're still the radio home of the Carolina Hurricanes, I won't take this station of my presets.

I also have another group of FM presets in my car, but I don't know what's on them. I think they're leftovers from other cities. Here are some possibilities:

- 107.3, Jacksonville ("Planet Radio"). This station used to be "the thing" back when I was in high school (when it was 93.3). I wonder if they've done like almost every other alternative station has and go to an "all rock" format. I'll find out in a couple weeks.
- 97.1, State College ("WOWY"). The State College oldies station, which like 102.9, has been playing too much new-than-oldies stuff.
- 103.1, State College ("Quick Rock"). It's "rock that really rocks"! When I visited State College the first time, this was the station I found on my radio dial. Except back then, Quick Rock was 97.1, and WOWY was 98.7 (?), and 103.1 was a pop station or something.

And, finally, AM stations, which don't get nearly as much play in my rotation as they used to:

AM-1) 620 ("The Bull"). Mike and Mike (ESPN Radio) in the morning, which used to be a good show, but now I think they've gotten too deep in the type of typical morning-show "schtick" that you get on other stations, so I don't listen to them. But I do listen to "Primetime with the Packman" in the afternoon, because they talk about college football and NASCAR (among other things).
AM-2) 850 ("The Buzz"). Another sports talk station, but about the only thing I listen to on this station is the Jim Rome show.

I was going to look on my car presets sometime over the weekend to see what other stations I had saved up, but I forgot. Oh well.

Last Year: "Theme Park Rankings" - Part 1, Part 2. I took some crap from New York natives for ranking Darien Lake last, but hey, those are the breaks.

Tomorrow: "More Pennsylvania Backroads".

Today's random thoughts:

- How would you quantify "usually" 60%? 70%? 80%? I'd say at least 80%, because I feel "usually" means "there aren't many instances where it isn't the case". But the actual definition suggests it has nothing to do with frequency, but just whatever is normal, which could be closer to 90%.

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