Monday, July 09, 2007

"Independence Day In Clayton, NC"

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This is a silly country of ours. To celebrate the greatness of our country, we go outside and watch pretty explosions. Make sense to you? (There's a good Simpsons quote that applies here, but I couldn't smoothly incorporate it into that last sentence.)

I think fireworks are a little bit overused these days. They used to be reserved only for special occasions. Independence Day, New Year's Day, and that's it. Now, anytime you go to a minor league baseball game on Friday night, you get fireworks. That's fine, I guess, but those types of fireworks shows always stink, and I'm just not in the mood to see fireworks in May. But when you go to an Independence Day fireworks show, you know it's going to be a good show. None of these 5-minute crappy-ass shows you get at minor league baseball games. They break out the heavy artillery on the Fourth. And it doesn't seem to matter where you go, either. I've never been disappointed by an Independence Day fireworks show.

So, where do we go? Amber and I didn't want to go to the Raleigh or Cary shows. Boring. If they had a strong reputation, that'd be one thing, but we didn't really hear that the Raleigh and Cary shows were "can't miss". Instead, we wanted to look for some "small town flavor". Fuquay-Varina was the obvious choice, but they had their celebration the day before. Chapel Hill is sort of a small town, but they were having their celebration at the football stadium. Eventually, we found a potential winner: Franklinton. 40 minutes north of Raleigh, the small town of Franklinton was having their first-ever Fourth of July celebration. We could be part of history! Let's go!

We got to Franklinton around 700p (I think), and we couldn't find a thing. The web site we looked at said it was supposed to be at the high school, but there was nothing going on around the high school. There were no signs or anything. And, the town of Franklinton is...well, it's not a place I'd like to raise a family. Time for Plan B: Clayton. Clayton is supposed to have "the area's best fireworks show", so they claim. What area are they referring to, exactly? Raleigh-Durham? Johnston County? The parking lot? Well, it Thankfully, there was significantly more buzz surrounding Clayton than in Franklinton. And, without knowing exactly where we were supposed to go (we only wrote down where the Franklinton stuff was supposed to be), we found the fesitivites with no problem. And, the fireworks show was pretty good, lasting the full 20 minutes. (No smiley-face fireworks, though.) There were a lot of people there, but we had plenty of room to pick a good spot. And I wouldn't be surprised if we're back in Clayton next year.

About these fireworks shows: do these towns buy their entire shows "pre-packaged"? In other words, could you see the same exact show in two different towns? Or is every show different? And how much does a fireworks show cost? I'm guessing that an Independence Day show costs on the order of a million dollars.

One more thing about Independence Day. You probably had to listen to Lee Greenwood's "God Bless The U.S.A" song at least once last week. I can't think of anyone else who has done so much with just one song. Lee has made an entire career out of it. When he does a live concert, does he even bother singing any other songs? Or does he go on stage, sing the only song anyone in attendance has ever heard, and leave? Because that's probably all anyone in attendance wants to hear from him. As for me, I'm pretty much sick of hearing that song. Get out of my head, Lee Greenwood!

Last Year: "Interstate 95: The Soundtrack". I kept using the same soundtrack for my drives to and from State College until the very last one. But now that I don't make any single long drive repeatedly, I don't know of a good way to incorporate another driving soundtrack. That's too bad.

Tomorrow: A guest post by Amber called "The Ups And Downs Of Roller Coaster Operation". Haha, get it?

Today's random thought:

- Amber and I went to the Carolina Mudcats v. Jacksonville Suns game on Saturday night, and we were going to get our tickets online beforehand, because we noticed that they were $1 cheaper if purchased beforehand. That is, until we got towards the end of the ticket purchase routine, and they tacked on a $1.25 "convenience fee" at the end. So, walk-up tickets are cheaper after all. Oh well.

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Jeff said...

The fireworks show I saw in Altoona was pretty good a couple of weeks ago. It was a nice salute to our troops.