Tuesday, July 03, 2007

"In The Absence Of Curling"

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I guess I already set up this post in yesterday's "Tomorrow" section, but to make this post "complete", I'm basically going to repeat myself. Last Friday night, we were going to go curling, but it was cancelled due to lack of sufficient interest. I guess a lot of people are taking their summer vacations this week. (Not me!) So, what did we do instead? Well...the same old stuff, of course. And nothing special. And I'm going to try to not make this too narrative, and keep it in "random thought" format.

Is it just me, or are 90% of the movies that come out of Hollywood these days complete trash? It's really getting discouraging when you go to the "New Releases" section of Blockbuster and almost everything on the shelf is garbage. Especially the popular movies with a bunch of copies. I guess people keep paying to see crappy movies in theatres, otherwise you wouldn't see this. Or maybe it's just me. We actually went to Blockbuster to rent The Princess Bride (which I've never seen), but they were out, and so was the next closest location, so we ended up with Man of the Year. According to my policy on movie reviews, I will refrain from giving my review of the movie in this blog.

As you're probably aware, Blockbuster was pressured by competition from NetFlix to have their own monthly program. We're not enrolled, but considering the frequency (or lack thereof) at which we rent movies, so the two plans that would appeal the most to us are the $6/month and $8/month plans. For the $6/month plan, you can rent two movies per month. For the $8/month plan, you can rent three movies per month. Given that the new releases are now going for almost $5, you would save some money. That is, if you rent two movies every month. We've probably rented two movies over the last three months. So, it sounds like a good deal, and it is if you rent exactly two movies every month (and at least one of them is a new release), but we don't, so I don't think we'll save any money, even though it sounds like a good deal. And that's where they get you.

And now, a smooth transition to...miniature golf! Amber and I actually played mini-golf twice on Saturday - once in the morning, and once in the evening with Petters and Stephanie (visiting from State College). Was twice in one day too much? Not really, because we normally play two rounds when we go, and we only played one each occasion on Saturday. The two rounds were at different courses, too, both in North Raleigh. The first was at the Falls Golf Center, which was a hilly/curvy course, and was actually rather difficult. (We might have played twice, but it was hot and humid, and they didn't have a second-round discount like so many places do.)

The evening mini-golf was at Adventure Landing. I'm familiar with Adventure Landing, because they have a location in Jacksonville Beach, and that was the "cool" place for Fletcher High School students to hang out. (That and Beach Bowl. I wasn't cool, so I never really spent much time at either place, to be honest with you.) So, as you would expect on a Saturday night, Adventure Landing in Raleigh was overrun by people younger than us.

The mini-golf course itself actually caught me off-guard. I was expecting hilly/curvy like the ones in Jacksonville, but these holes were very Putt-Putt like, with a hole-in-one possible on every hole. It's almost as if it used to be a Putt-Putt, but Adventure Landing bought it and re-branded it. (We played the "Miners Trail" course. Whatever.) It probably isn't so bad during a non-peak time, and the prices are identical to the oft-traveled Putt-Putt. But it's on the other side of town, and it's probably more crowded than the obscurely-located Putt-Putt, so I'm not sure when we'll go back there. But when we do, I hope we remember the bug spray. I guess this isn't the best time of year to be doing stuff outside. But that's what curling is for, right? The next pick-up curling event is Friday, July 13th, and we'll be there - if it happens.

Last Year: "Covert Operations". This is where I explain that I was in State College that weekend, by surprise. I did a much better (and more thorough) job of retelling the events two days later.

Tomorrow: "Hooray For T-Shirts!" I have a lot of t-shirts. How many are fit for public display? How old are they? And how many of them did I actually buy?

Today's random thought:

- I was behind a Chevrolet Impala the other day, and it had a flashing brake light. Upon hitting the brakes, the taillight brake lights would come on normally, but the center brake light would flash for a couple of seconds, and then go solid. I guess the idea is to help get the other drivers' attention. But don't the existing brake lights do a good enough job of that? And isn't a flashing brake light more likely to cause an accident-causing distraction? Hopefully, General Motors did some studies on this.

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