Wednesday, July 25, 2007

"Even More Pennsylvania Backroads"

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Yesterday's post was just about the northbound drive. What about the southbound drive? Well, we didn't go the same way, because we stopped at Codorus State Park in Hanover, PA for a round of disc golf. (A round that we didn't even complete due to time constraints, mind. We may have spent more time trying to fish discs out of trees than we did actually playing. Oh well.)

I've made the State College-to-Codorus SP drive before, but I took the "fast way" - US-322 to Harrisburg, then US-15 and PA-94 from Harrisburg to Hanover. (I-83 and PA-116 from Harrisburg to Hanover is another option. I didn't go that way the first time because my return route, which stopped at another disc golf course at Gifford Pinchot State Park, was more along that side of the route.) But this time, Amber and I got a head start on Jeff [Frame] and Walter so we could take a fun route:

PA-74 goes over not just one mountain ridge, but two mountain ridges. (It's pretty easy to tell where they are on the map.) The first one was really quite amazing. The ridge was basically staring us in the face with no obvious gap for the road to go through. But, with a few switchbacks and a lot of "up", we made it over, along with all of the motorcycles that were also out on the roads on this Sunday. They were out in force. But that's okay, I can't blame them, considering how nice of a day it was. And because we had a head start, we could take our time, I drove the speed limit instead of the usual 5-over. So, that's partially responsible for me getting passed by three cars on PA-74. (Two of those were motorcycles.) Personally, I think all three would have passed me even if I was going 5-over; they were in kind of a hurry.

PA-74 was really the only fun part of this route. PA-75, PA-34, and PA-94 were nothing special, and each had a decent amount of traffic. Driving through Carlisle was also a bit slow. Even so, this route was remarkably shorter distance than the US-15 route, and if memory serves me right, it took approximately the same amount of time to get to Codorus as it did on my first drive there almost three years ago. I think it took me 2h30m that time; this time it was about 2h35m. With the head start, we still got there first, even with a stop for lunch at a gas station. (We were in the mood for cheap hot dogs, I guess.)

Taking random roads through Pennsylvania can be far more interesting than in other states, because of all the mountains. On any given Sunday, I'd rather make a scenic drive through Central Pennsylvania than in Central North Carolina. But at least they have Bojangles' here. And Piggly Wiggly.

Last Year: "Raleigh (Cary) --> State College". This post is sorely outdated; it came before I started taking US-29 through Virginia and US-522 through Pennsylvania. So, maybe the most notable thing from this post is the thread of comments about John Glenn Sanitation. Not included in that thread is that they did eventually write me back, basically saying "Thanks, but we already have a slogan like that."

Tomorrow: "Kroger Generic Cereals".

Today's random thought:

- Asking for birthday and Christmas presents can be tricky. You don't want to ask more than one person to get you the same thing if you don't need more than one. But what if they may not get you exactly what you want? I guess you can only trust the important only-one-needed items with the close relatives.


Jeff said...

I've gone that way 3 times, and I agree, it's pretty scenic. According to Topozone, the top of Tuscarora Mountain there is 1836 feet, which is over 1300 feet higher than the valley below, making it one of the tallest mountains in eastern PA relative to the valley floor.

James said...

Is that next to Bronson Pinchot State Park? (insert Perfect Strangers joke here) HAHAHAHA