Friday, July 27, 2007

"Cute Baby Pictures"

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WARNING: Sappy post

I became an uncle this week. Wahoo! I suppose there are three ways to become an aunt/uncle: 1) One of your siblings has a kid. 2) Marry someone who is already an aunt/uncle. 3) If already married, one of your spouse's siblings has a kid. Well, I didn't get married this week, so that means it must have been option #1.

Introducing Paige Abigail Allen, born on Monday, July 23rd to parents Amy and James Allen:

Cute, huh?

It's hard to imagine that my parents are grandparents now. Or, even more so, that my grandmother is now a great-grandmother. Woah. (Paige is my grandmother's first great-grandchild.)

Next weekend, I'll get to see little Paige for myself. I suppose now's as good a time as any to make that Jacksonville trip, eh?

Last Year: "TV Ramblings". My TLD recording patterns haven't changed a whole lot since last year, except that I don't watch poker anymore, and I now record the Simpsons daily. (Both of them! But I have it set up to only keep two at a time.) And since Amber moved in with me, I've been watching more "nerdy" type stuff from the Discovery/History/Nat'l Geog./Travel genre of channels.

Tomorrow: "Raleigh (Cary) <--> State College: The Soundtrack, V2".

Today's random thought:

- Watching a sports-related show like SportsCenter used to be sort of an "escape" from the bad news you get on local and national news shows. But now, SportsCenter is all bad news, too. Dog fighting, gambling, doping...what happened?

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