Friday, June 29, 2007

"You Call This Summer?"

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To be fair, I guess it has only been officially "summer" for a little more than a week now. But as far as I'm concerned, "summer" is Memorial Day through Labor Day. Hmm, I guess I already talked about this a few weeks ago, eh? Well, that's a good place to start this post. Let me elaborate on some of the things I said that day:

1) My May electric bill wasn't that bad. I actually had a higher electric bill in February with a smaller apartment. But in May, I did a good job of opening the windows overnight when it was going to get cool, so I wouldn't have to use the air conditioner as much during the day. I haven't been afforded as many opportunities to do that in June. And one night with the windows open, a few ants got inside, so I'm a little more reluctant to leave windows open now.
3) I think I've only had to turn on the air conditioner in my car twice. Once after a round of disc golf, and once on a very hot day after work. But I haven't been keeping track of this. (Why haven't I, anyway? That would be a good stat to keep. Maybe next summer.)
4) Still haven't been to the beach yet. The summer is young. And the week of the 4th of July is probably a bad time to go, so it will be a while longer.
8) I listed a few possibilities for "crazy weekend trips", such as Boone, "The Ultimate North Carolina Road Trip", Delaware, at least one theme park, and Jacksonville. Well, one month later, we've already done three of the five. That was fast.
10) So far this year, the highest temperature recorded on my outdoor thermometer is 96°. (The RDU airport registered 97° that day.) And it didn't even feel that bad. And in response to 11), it's the end of June, and I'm not sick of summer yet. Far from it. That's where I'll continue today's post.

The thing I liked the least about living in Florida were the long summers. Every day, it's hot and humid, for several months. Boring. But now I live in North Carolina, where there's at least some change. For example, five days before the temperature hit 97°, the high was 70°. Not bad, eh? Sure, the hottest days in Raleigh (Cary) are hotter than the hottest days in Jacksonville, but the occasional "nice" summer day in the low 80s makes it worth it. Jacksonville has had a few of those this month, but they haven't had any highs in the 70s. And, their hottest day of the month was actually 98°. And, the dew point in Jacksonville is typically 5 degrees higher than in Raleigh (Cary). (That's what I've noticed, anyway.) So, from a Florida native's perspective, summers here are nice! I'm actually enjoying the "heat". Then again, thanks to my job, I spend more time inside now than I used to, so it's not that big of a deal. And, I don't have to mow the lawn. And, it's only June.

One thing I wish we would have more of this summer is thunderstorms. In Jacksonville, I actually found thunderstorms annoying. Every day, you had to make sure your round of golf was finished by 300p or 400p so you wouldn't get chased away by the daily routine thunderstorms. (Rough life, huh?) But now that I have an added appreciation for severe weather due to taking classes in grad school like "Convection" and "Mesoscale Dynamics" (fun and educational!), I actually want thunderstorms. And, Raleigh (Cary) doesn't have enough of them. Jacksonville has received almost 7 inches of rain this month (about half of which came as a result of Tropical Storm Barry on June 2nd), but Raleigh (Cary) is only in the 4 to 4.5 inch range. And most of the big thunderstorms I've seen pop up on the radar lately have bypassed me. Boring! I want some thunderstorm action! I guess I'm living in the wrong place for that. But hey, it's an improvement over Central Pennsylvania. (Or is it? They might have had more severe weather this summer than we have so far.)

While I've judged summer thus far to be tame and boring, how is Toledo-native Amber adjusting to it? Well...she hasn't complained too much, which I appreciate. I would completely understand if she felt like complaining about how much the weather sucks every day. And for the record, we haven't had a single "fight" about the thermostat yet. (Or anything else, for that matter.) If they were to rank the biggest disputes among same-household couples, I bet the thermostat setting would be near the top of the list, right behind money. Our apartment is typically in the 77-78° range. That's what I grew up with in the summers at my parents' house, so it's normal to me. I thought that might be a little warm for Amber, but she hasn't objected. (Yes, I did ask her about it. I haven't just assumed that she's okay with it just because she hasn't said anything about it.) How much money do you save by having your thermostat set one or two degrees higher, anyway?

So...while I'm content with summer right now, don't be surprised if you see a post entitled "Summer Sucks, I'm Sick Of It" in about a month.

Last Year: "La Copa Mundial". My thoughts on the 2006 World Cup, up to that point. And I'm pretty sure I haven't watched Univision since then.

Tomorrow: "Random Thoughts On Auto Racing". Because all three major NASCAR divisions are racing this weekend, plus Formula One, plus the Indy Racing League (a.k.a. IRL, a.k.a. IndyCar). And tonight's round of pick-up curling was cancelled (lack of interest), so I have to talk about something.

Today's random thought:

- The other day, someone called my apartment phone. Here's how the opening of the conversation went: "Hello?" "Hi, may I speak to Chris?" "This is he." "Umm...did you say 'this is he'?" "Yep." "Well, that's weird." It turns out that she had the wrong number, and that she was looking for a woman named Chris. I think that's the first time that's ever happened. I knew something was up, because most calls to my apartment phone are either telemarketers or other businesses and ask for "Christopher".

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Jeff said...

We had a downburst in State College a few weeks back that blew down some power lines near Park Ave. and Beaver Stadium. Overall, this has been the "Summer of the State College Effect" so far. I think I have only received around 3.4 inches of rain since May 3rd. The grass is brown, except where we watered it.....